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Issue 71, February 2020

Wha gwaan?

Less and less is gwaan as the Coronavirus has us all confined. Mainstream media is loving it with their usual nonsense spreading faster than the virus itself. They say wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, but it doesn't look safe to me - click here.

WHO should you turn too for advice?

The World Health Organization that's WHO. They seem to know what's going on. If you want the correct information turn to them.

Whale's Tales is not the place for advice on a pandemic. But for an epic panda - click here.

Boyd Newton, Da Easy Crew, Editor.


Important Info

▪ Working Bee - Cancelled
▪ Delayed Awards Night
▪ Active Kids Voucher - it's on again
▪ Best sausage joke ever - at the end as usual
Working Bee - Cancelled
Delayed Awards Night
Active Kids Voucher - it's on again
Best sausage joke ever - at the end as usual

Dubious Info

For the next Americas Cup, the Dutch are testing a boat made of cheese. So far results are not very Gouda.

New Members

Several new members joined the club since the last Whales Tales:
* Benjamin Gunton - Moth
* Cark Jackson - Windsurfer
* Tim Donkers - Race Official
* Lachlan McKay and his father Ewen - Junior Sailing Program
* John Doman - Laser
* Johanna Rigg-Smith - trialling the BSC Aero

Thanks for joining us. Hope to see you on the water soon.


Working Bee - Cancelled

Good news. The Working Bee has been cancelled, but not because we are expecting more than 500 attendees.

Many Hans make light work

Hans Christian Andersen

Christian Anderson

Hans Tilkowski


Hans Grimm


Poor weather cancelled racing last Saturday so we got the Bee work done instead. A big thank you to all who helped.

IMG 3281

Boys helping

IMG 3275

Pia helping

IMG 3279

Kylie, helping?


Volunteer News

First Aid Course

A full house attended the recent First Aid course at the Clubhouse, including Peter Nixey who sent in thie following.

I found the presenter, Greg Bain from Allens Training was particularly good in that he explained the background to the various treatments and procedures in the FA Manual supplied, making it much easier to assimilate. Shirley Matthews did a great job of organising the class and a delicious lunch for the participants.

Peter Nixey


Junior News

Balmoral Sailing Club is a registered Active Kids provider. Our junior sailors can use the Active Kids Voucher towards BSC membership or Junior Coaching fees.

Apply Online at Service NSW

Parents of school children can obtain this years second voucher for use from July to December by logging onto Service NSW.

For more details on the scheme or to apply for your voucher - click here.

$100 for your child

I've met some of your kids and if you can get $100 for them I think you're doing well - click here. But it's not just the extra money in your pocket, think of all the 'me time' you will get with them gone!


Tasar News

Tasar Pride

Just passing on that BSC’s former Tasar stalwart Kevin Wadham & now BSC windsurfer was the winner of the recently held (& prestigious) Middle Harbour 16ft Skiff Old Buffer’s Race. Nice one KW!

Josh Faddy


Old or otherwise - what is a buffer

Buffer: an intermediate or intervening shield or device reducing the danger of interaction between two things; a person or thing that shields against annoyance, harm, hostile forces, or lessens the impact of a shock.

None of this explains why the 16ft Skiff Old Buffers Race is called such. In my experience a fleet of skiffs often leads to at least two things coming together, creating annoyance, hostility and increasing shock.

Boyd Newton, Tasar Class Captain, BSC


For Sale or Wanted

RS Aero for Sale, '2046' - $9500
Aero 2046 is in good condition, 2 years old, comes with dolly, top cover, choice of 7 rig or 5 rig. Selling now as a new Aero has been ordered.
Contact: Nick on 0421 008 485 or e: nickcollisgeorge@gmail.com

Tasar for Sale, 2722 'Yes Darling' - $5900
Stored inside club its entire life. Hull is underweight. 2 sets of mylar sails. Foils in great condition and in padded bag. Light weight alloy beach trolley.
More info - click here
Contact - Kevin Wadham on 0402 008 704

Tasar for Sale, 1666 'The Righteous and the Wicked' - $4500
Great boat in good condition. Raced with BSC for the last 12 years. Ready to sail, Aluminium beach trolley and registered road trailer. Mylar sails recently purchased, modern foils and rudder/tiller. Tictack micro compass.
More info - click here
Contact: Michael Payne on 0425 275 398

Tasar for Sale, 'Trouble' - $7000 neg
Affectionately known as 'Trouble' and campaigned in many Championships by Michael Quirk and Marise Hannaford - inc. 4th in Nats & top 20s Worlds.
More info - click here.
Contact: Marise on 0408 253 925 or Michael on 0419 970 934

National E for Sale, 'Honalee' - $5000
More info - click here.
Contact: Phil on 0400 399 226 or Claire on 0425 250 322

National E for Sale, 'Alphaglassy' - $3650
More info - click here.
e: Michael Corr - michael.corr@propertyrecruitment.com.au

Have gear for sale or looking for something specific?

Send details to e: whalestales@balmoralsc.com.au



Cheap sailing - get a Super Yacht

Like many things, a Super Yacht gets wear and tear and requires regular repairs. Routine maintenance costs roughly 2% of yachts value after the first year.

Owners can however recoup some of these expenses by chartering their yacht. A 200ft yacht with a $US3.5 million annual operating budget can charge $US425,000 a week.

So after only 4 weeks each year in charter, the owner would need to stump up a measly 1% of the Super Yachts value.

Coffers of a Tsar - campaign a Tasar

You would expect the humble Tasar to offer a more affordable option. But based on conservative repairs and maintenance figures it doesn't look good for us common folk:
* New set of sails every 5 years ($500/yr)
* Dropping the odd shackle or split ring in the sand ($50/yr)
* A bit of polish & lube ($50/yr)
* Broken spar every 10 years ($100/yr)

(Southern Stars would add $600/yr in whisker poles alone and nearly double this percentage)

An average yearly Tasar campaign is 3.5% of the boats value. That's an equivalent 700ft of Super Yacht!

A lot of Ivory

Ok, so there's an elephant in the room and it better have a mighty large set of tusks. They'll be needed to pay for what would be a $175,000,000 Super Yacht in the first place.


Important Dates


2020 - It's up in the air right now!

At the post race BBQ's we're getting a little fancy these days. We tried a new Mediterranean style sausage recommended by Elvis Costello and they were great. I think olive salami is here to stay.

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