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Media Features, Announcements and Breaking Down Wine Tariffs

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Here we are at month end of a fresh new decade, and Shall We Wine is revving up for bigger surprises as the year unfolds! Whether your resolutions were partly geared toward personal empowerment, physical changes, or somewhere outside or in-between, we hope you also made room for fun. What’s one way to do that? Be the one to step up your wine and spirits game!

Here’s the scoop on all you need to know, and let us inspire you to keep stepping up your game. You like what you see? Share us with a friend! Need help planning a function? Book us for an experience with your friends or next company outing! Looking for specific content? Reach out to us with suggestions.

Shall We Wine Tribe, we’re here for you. The possibilities are endless. February, we see you!


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2/7/2020 - 2/9/2020

Regine T. Rousseau
Panelist at the Blacks in Wine Symposium

The Blacks in Wine Symposium is an exclusive event featuring panels and work groups in order to help create real solutions to solidify our legacy in the industry. The symposium is part of The Exclusive Blacklist Weekend 2020, an entire weekend devoted to honoring African Americans in wine, spirits, food, jazz and art.

This year's symposium is dedicated to African American Women in Wine. The Theme is Drink Like A Lady. Be sure to come hear and experience all the great industry leaders! I will be on the 9:45AM Panel "I'm Every Woman".

Learn more about the symposium and purchase your tickets here!



Support Black Business
Chicago, IL
Urban Matter named Shall We Wine one of the 10 Black-Owned Businesses You Should Be Visiting in Chicago!

5 Questions with Wine Enthusiast
New York, NY
I recorded an episode of Wine Enthusiast: 5 Questions! Go here to see all the previously featured beverage professionals for now. Episode is still in the works. Stay tuned for the release date!

Wine & Hip Hop Podcast
New York, NY
I also recorded an episode for one of my favorite Podcasts: Wine and Hip Hop. I sat with Jermaine Stone, CEO of Cru Luv Wine. In each of his episodes he talks to Hip Hop oenophiles to find the perfect match between music and wine. Stay tuned for the release date!

WGN News: Midday Fix
Chicago, IL
I was invited to talk about lifestyle changes and alcohol on WGN-TV’s Midday Fix. If you’re trying to watch your waistline and are wondering how to exactly incorporate wine and spirits into your modified diet standards, check this out!


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From BBC News

We wanted to send a special prayer for Australia. The chaos is far from over.

Just yesterday a state of alert has been issued for Australia’s capital. There is also a total fire ban.

There have been a series of bushfires raging across the country of Australia. This has been devastating to the wildlife with an estimated “30 people have so far been killed - including four firefighters - and more than 10 million hectares (100,000 sq km or 24.7 million acres) of bush, forest and parks across Australia has burned”, according to BBC News.

Many organizations are accepting donations in support.


What exactly are these Tariffs everyone is talking about?

While some imposed wine tariff disputes (which threatened up to 100% Tariffs on a myriad of products, from wine to handbags) have been halted until the end of 2020, it is important to know not only are there still future risks involved, the existing tariffs in place have not gone away. When people think of the wine industry being affected, this means more than the potential doubling of cost to the end consumer, and reaches far beyond the sommelier pouring your wine at dinner. Intertwined in the middle of all that are farmers, distributors, importers, and much more who work behind-the-scenes, many of which are small businesses (both in the United States and abroad) whose livelihoods can be affected drastically, if they haven't already.

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I talked with Joni Rials, CEO of Seek and Sip Travel to help break down the wine tariffs to our Shall We Wine readers.

R: Joni, can you break it down for the readers? What are the tariffs about?

J: Sure!

1st tariff Airbus/Boeing tariff is a 25% on some EU goods/countries such as French wine, Italian cheese and single-malt Scotch whisky. This tariff was this administration’s response to the EU not eliminating or lowering subsidies for Airbus (a direct competitor of Boeing).

The 2nd proposed tariff of 100% would have been levied on all wine products from most of the countries we love. Spain, Italy, France, Germany etc.. and also on mostly all EU goods). This was in response to a 5% Digital Service Tax (DST) France would levy against US data companies FB/Apple/Amazon/Google.

As of today, both the US and France have agreed to continue negotiations of the DST trade policy. France agreed to delay the 1st payment until the end of 2020 but it seems as though the DST will stand.

By the way, 25% tariff is still entact because that is for the Airbus/Boeing issue.

R: How will it impact wine distributors?

J: Tariffs aren’t like business taxes because you can’t delay them. They must be paid before delivery of goods. The smaller companies would not be able to do that. We’re talking about tariffs that were $25,00 now increasing to $75,000 or more with no increase in revenue! The 2nd tax would wipe the smaller distribution businesses out!

As for smaller wine producers, this would also affect US wine because smaller vineyards utilize small distributors because they don’t produce the necessary volume to join the big distributors. Without distribution, they would be forced to consolidate or close.

R: How do you believe the proposed tariffs will impact your wine travel business?

J: The events and marketing side of my business would slow down severely or the cost would increase dramatically. I have been planning to open a retail location and that will not happen if the tariffs are approved. The city would lose another small business that would have provided jobs, advanced skills training and community support to the area where we would have served.

R: Where can we find more info on SST?

J: Here are some links that I’ve followed for more info:

Reuter’s: Tariffs in French Imports

United States Trade Resolution Docket for Large Aircraft Tariff

Contact Info:
Facebook & Instagram: @seekandsiptravel

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A collection of original poems from Regine T. Rousseau, the book Searching for Cloves and Lilies: The Wine Edition explores pairing wine with poetry. The idea of pairing both wine and poetry was initially met with confused looks. But a national book tour and some new friends later, the Shall We Wine tribe has expanded into a think-outside-the-box wine pairing bunch! How amazing!

It's a testament to how seemingly different mediums can be more intertwined than you think. Challenge yourself to see likeness, positivity and common ground. You never know what the challenge will reveal. We love wine, pass it on!

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Tired of hosting the same kind of events and looking for something to make them different?

Shall We Wine also plans experiences for corporate events! We work with our corporate clients to create wine, beer and spirit-focused experiences. These experiences include: wine dinners, wine tastings, team building "cocktail" exercises and more!

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15 Wines for Under $15

Steal or Splurge

Bourbon Basics

Wine Tasting and Cooking Party

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