Oct. 9th, 2015 In just 11 days Canadians will go to the polls (Oct. 19th) and vote in our next national government. This means that we are in a criti

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Oct. 9th, 2015


In just 11 days Canadians will go to the polls (Oct. 19th) and vote in our next national government. This means that we are in a critical window of time where we can make a real difference for the future of our nation.

With this in mind, following is a summary 10 simple things (featured on the www.keepourland.ca site) that you can do in the next 11 days to help fight for a strong Canada for future generations.



1 - Vote! If you are 18 and older, we encourage you to cast your vote for the candidate in your area that will best uphold godly values in Canada. If you do not have a strong candidate in your riding than we encourage you to vote for the party that will best uphold godly values. For tips on discerning who to vote for please visit the keepourland.ca site here.

2 - Volunteer for a godly candidate in your riding or in a riding near you. This makes a huge difference. The average campaign is won by only 50 volunteers! Not only can you make a big difference but it is fun & a great opportunity to build relationship with your potential future MP. MPs always remember those who helped them in their campaigns and are eager to hear their views on important issues.

3 - Get out to the town hall meetings and ask your candidates where they stand on important moral issues like euthanasia, Canada's stance with Israel, poverty, abortion, family, the environment etc.

4 - Give to godly candidates. Every donation makes a huge difference.

5 - Share the keepourland.ca site so that more people are exposed to these action points.


1 - Host or attend a prayer meeting for the election. If your church is not already hosting one perhaps ask your pastor if you can lead one in the next 11 days. Some churches are even doing this by conference call. Also, feel free to join the Keep Our Land prayer calls every Tuesday and Thursday at noon EST to pray for the election. Click here to sign up to receive information about these calls.

2 - Prayer walk your constituency over the next days and prayer walk the polling stations near you on Oct. 19th. Please also see graphic below that you can use to promote this idea on your social media.

3 - Several across Canada are currently participating in a 40 day fast for Canada. Even though it began on Sept. 13th you can still participate. Consider fasting, between now and Oct. 19th, for godly leaders to be elected. To receive daily prayer updates for this 40 day fast please click here.

4 - It is widely agreed that the 72 hours prior to the election is a crucial time period as this is when most undecided Canadians choose who they will vote for. Please consider fasting for these 3 days in particular, hosting a prayer meeting during this time period and personally setting aside time on these important days to pray for Canadians to choose godly leaders on Oct. 19th.

The National House of Prayer may be live streaming prayer times from Ottawa during this time period as well. Stay tuned at the MY Canada Facebook page for more information.

5 - On Oct. 19th (or if you vote at the advance poll) stop at the polling station for at least 60 seconds and pray for godly leaders to be elected. Please also see graphic below that you can use to promote this idea on your social media.


Three Videos Regarding The Importance Of This Federal Election

Please watch and share with your friends.




Rob Parker of the National House of Prayer shares about an important resource he created to help equip Canadians to be a voice in this upcoming election.


Bill Prankard of BPEA shares practical things we can do in this upcoming election to make a difference.


Patricia King of XP Media shares prophetic perspective on the upcoming election and the importance of intercession.


Stacey and Wesley Campbell of Be A Hero share regarding the importance of this upcoming election & prayer.

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