Community cloud – Laval’s experiment in social tech March 6, 2017 by Mary Allen From decentral to central provision, and to a new role as third part

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Clumeq, Université Laval, Quebec

Community cloud – Laval’s experiment in social tech

March 6, 2017 by Mary Allen

From decentral to central provision, and to a new role as third party cloud provider, Université Laval’s ICT fulfillment journey illustrates what happens when capacity, opportunity, and community values converge. Already the sixth largest Canadian research university and second largest Quebec region employer, Laval now also delivers hosting services to many public sector clients.

Find out how VMware's NSX, vCloud Director for Service Providers and vCloud Air Network were key to executing on a cloud strategy that provided mutual benefit to Laval and its clients.
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Competition or cyber security co-opetition

March 13, 2017 by Lynne Greiner

Until recently, competition between providers of IT security services has meant resistance to much needed collaboration on cyber security intelligence, and on adherence to standards. RSA Conference 2016 provided an opportunity for multiple vendors and government bodies to reinforce the need for co-operation in safeguarding digital and physical assets.

As Microsoft president Brad Smith noted, “Cyberspace is the new battlefield. It’s a different kind of space. Cyberspace is us,” but who are the defenders, and how can they pull together?
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Down Detector Level 3 Outage Map, DDoS attack October, 2016

IoT security fundamentals: what risk, why care and who’s driving?
March 21, 2017 by Mary Allen

IoT implementation poses a host of security challenges, ranging from the management of scale deployments, to interoperability issues, to difficulties in bolting on security to low-power sensors. Most IoT device creators lack security expertise and develop products without embedding the necessary security features, feeding clients easily hackable default user names and passwords. On the user end side, consumers might not have the tech savvy needed to update devices, might be unreachable for alerts, and are often unaware that problems may even exist.

Find out from digital device intelligence leader InAuth’s Mike Lynch what steps groups like the Online Trust Alliance are taking to address these challenges.

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dreamstime s 132038-fast-typing

Fat fingers

March 23, 2017 by Lynne Greiner

For most of us, a small typographical error is quickly flagged by spell check. When you’re de-bugging Amazon Web Services, a 'slip of the fingers' can cost millions of dollars in damage. Lessons learned from the recent AWS outage point to the need for redundancy (ex. deployment in multiple AWS regions) as the main source of immunity; however, there are also bigger lessons that can be drawn from the AWS blunder.

From automation practices, to scoping, to default management gone awry, find out exactly what happened during this historic outage, and how it might be prevented in the future.

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451 Research – Rise of the machines, Part 2: AI and the labor market
March 8, 2017 by Owen Rogers, Nick Patience and William Fellows

Does AI represent a different threat that, unlike the machine mills of the first Industrial Revolution, will ultimately replace rather than temporarily displace humans? In a world where AI is outpacing human capability in the legal profession, in software development and in other professional fields, can education and reskilling really sustain ongoing human relevance?

Humans will need to find ways to extend their intelligence beyond computers as historically 'intelligent' functions, such as building, developing, self-healing, even instinct and threat-detection, can now be accomplished by AI. What strata of society are most vulnerable to job loss, and how can we adapt to ensure AI adds value not subversion?

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