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The Little Things . . .

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Mid-November 2014 || issue #28
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Best Thing About Winter: Training

There’s nothing better than gliding along in crisp air, mixing your easy runs with some tempo, and exploring the spectacular winter landscapes on your long runs. And the weekly “hard” session from Fernando, either onsite at “the hill” or the half-mile “track” – certainly the highlight of your week.

Running a Spring marathon? Perhaps in April? Want to stay fit during the long winter hibernation?

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Mass. Cross Country Division Championship, Wrentham, Nov. 8

GTD graduates had a great day at the xc divisional championships. Emily DeMarco was 2nd in the Div. 6 race in 18:43, and Tia Patterson 4th in 19:22.

Tia Foglietta was 9th in 19:55, Niamh Dalton 13th in 20:13, Caitlyn Scola 17th in 20:30, and Sydney Packard 19th in 20:39. They all qualified for the All-States Meet on November 15.

Also in Div. 6, there were strong races by Annie Zampitella (21:26), Mary Pasquale (21:52), Maggie Brown (21:59), and Lily Stewart (22:51).

In Div. 5, Meghan Stone (19:27), Olivia Horgan (19:43), and Jeanine Zheng (19:57) qualified with their team for the All State Meet.

Sarah Oliver took 4th in Div. 4 in 19:15, and moves on to the All States Meet. Also running well in Div. 4 were Abby Harrington (21:49), Reilly McNamara (22:03), and Catherine Urbano (24:25).

Julia Curtin’s 19:19 in the competitive Div. 2 race was an All States Meet qualifier. Tiffany Simione (19:53) fought through an injury and Katie Freeman (19:55) had a PR.

Abby Walsh finished the season in 20:48, with Avery Hayes running 20:50, Sheehan Gotsch 21:20, and Katie Anne Hayes 22:54.

In the boys races, Mike Famiglietta (15:46) and AJ Ernst (15:51) finished 2-3 in Div. 4. Jared Kokinos was 6th in 16:20, Adam Linsky 13th in 16:49, and Mike Weidenbruch 21st in 17:09. They all move on to the All States Meet.

In Div. 5, Chip Cring (16:51) and Jack Blatchford (17:35) moved on with their team. Running well in Div. 6 were Reed Dolan (18:37), Jack Keenan (19:31), Matt Loehle (20:02), Zach Mizioch (21:01), and Michael Cook (21:45).

Riley Dowd turned in a powerful 16:07 in the Div. 1 race to move on to the All States Meet with his team.


At the NH 2014 Cross Country State Meet of Champions in Nashua on Nov. 1, Patrick Finocchiaro cracked 17 minutes with a 16:55 to finish 49th out of 159.


On Nov. 8 at the Massachusetts Middle School xc Invitational, Willard Field, Devens, there were some tremendous performances by young GTD xc graduates. Victoria Holleran ran 12:43. Lea Bettencourt 12:52, Elani Gikas 13:17, Sarah Enes 13;28, Ali Pais 14:30, and Emily Enes 14:42.

For the boys, Jonah Carlson’s 11:08 was 9th best in the 8th grade race. Aiden Hill ran 12:56. In the 5th/6th grade race, Jack Pais ran a great 13:25.


Marathons and More

Carol Blanchard ran a great Boston qualifier at the NYC Marathon on Nov 9. Carol ran 4:09:54 (needed 4:25) and reports to Coach Braz: “Quite windy, and a crowded race as I don’t think people seeded themselves well, but all in all I felt good and your magic worked once again!”

At the Run for All Ages 5k on Nov 1 in Wakefield, Linda Jennings won her age group in 22:03. Susannah Landreth was 2nd in hers in 21:34.

Katrina Vassallo was 1st woman in 1:23:25 on Oct 26 at the Newburyport Half Marathon. Karen Durante won her age group in 1:39:39. Ann Kingsland ran 1:45:25.

At the Vietnam Veterans Memorial 4 Mile Race in Lawrence on Oct 26, Michelle Gorham was 3rd in her age group in 30:00, Sharon Yu won her age group in 34:17.

Beth Lindquist was 3rd in her age group in 1:39:30 on Oct 26 at the Loco Half-Marathon in Newmarket (NH).


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