Love & Feathers & Shells & Me

August 2019


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Flock news from the large featherless being....

This has been a long, hot month for our little flock.

We live in Texas, after all.

What keeps us going?

Air conditioning. And cuteness.

Malti has been hogging the enclosed outdoor play area of late, where she sits underneath the hibiscus, utterly motionless in the shimmering heat, for literally hours until her mommy arrives to a) bring fresh victuals or b) carry her inside for a b.a.t.h.

Bruce has been practicing for winter by estivating - a fancy word that means hot weather hibernation. He comes out to eat and swim and stare longingly at the makeshift pen where our little temporary lodger, a rescued female 3-toed box turtle, is also busily estivating.

Pearl, of course, remains sensibly indoors where it is cool and completely shell-free. His [ahem] plate has stayed quite full as usual, what with a blog to curate, books to beak-o-graph, feathers to molt, waffles to eat and a very untalented (large, featherless) waitress to retrain.

And me? Neck feathers and shell scratches. Earthworm-wrangling. Habitat replanting. Waffle toasting. Sweeping, sweeping and more sweeping (it's all those falling feathers, you see). Coffee. Yoga. Wine. Oh, and some rent-earning....someone's gotta do it.


Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon




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Pearl, aka "the Waffle Whisperer."


Malti's never met a green being she didn't like. [burp]

Malti ZucchiniPlant

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August may be hot, but Bruce is clearly hotter!

Bruce Enclosure

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Meet Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Me

PearlHatBlonde Trans

Me. Pearl.

Hi! It is so good to meet you here each month! Pearl, Malti, Bruce and their mommy love having you in our extended flock!

We are super excited about our newest book, "Waffles & More: A Love & Feathers Recipe Book, which features 70 of Pearl's favorite "people food" recipes, courtesy of his personal Small Chef (aka his doting large featherless Grandma).

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