Tips and resources on performance and wellbeing   ||   Issue #5, July 2021


Dear Reader,

In this issue I share with you what I do to overcome "slack attacks". You'll also find a Tai Chi tip, a YouTube clip on how to learn effectively, coaches' corner and a quote by Lao Tzu.

Chris Bennett
Chris Chi


Slack Attack

zhang-kenny-Gx1raEg 3Zw-unsplash2

Once in a while I have a slack attack and look for excuses not to train. Whenever that happens, I give myself a good talking to and usually I snap out of it.

What do I say to myself?

Simple phrases like, 'do it', 'you'll feel better after you train' or 'get off the couch'.

These words usually overcome the slack attack mantras of 'I'll do it later', 'I'm too tired', or 'There's not enough time'.

Slack attacks can occur at any time - and right now I feel one coming on. So excuse me while I go and train before I horizontal out. :)

Image courtesy of Zhang Kenny via Unsplash


Tai Chi Tip: One Focus

Focus on one part of a skill when practicing it. In other words, don't overthink it. Eventually, with correct practice, you'll be able to perform the entire skill automatically.


Listen Up

Listening-Wee Kee Jin

In this clip Wee Kee Jin discusses the importance of listening when learning Tai Chi.

His advice applies to learning any activity, and it does require an effort to listen effectively.

And why not listen? You're paying for a lesson, so you may as well get all you can from it.


Coaches' Corner

Talk with and not at your players and you will get a better outcome.

2021-07 Lao Tzu Quote
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