Countdown to One Million! The Begin with Yes family has grown and I'm very excited! To celebrate the approaching milestone of 1 Million members I wa

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Countdown to One Million!


The Begin with Yes family has grown and I'm very excited!

To celebrate the approaching milestone of 1 Million members I wanted to give you all a copy of the “Begin with Yes: Living With A Dream” CD for free. Unfortunately, there are licensing and distribution costs, but I got as close to free as I can get!

To thank you for your support I’ve created special “friends and family” codes to allow you to get it at the deepest discount possible, and it’ll be discounted for 1 million seconds (that’s 11+ days)!

For Digital Downloads at $3.99 (70% discount) use promo code: “FriendsAndFamilyDigital”

For actual CDs at $4.90 (65% discount) use promo code: “FriendsAndFamilyCD”

Let these songs inspire you to take the next steps and we’ll celebrate together! Visit the Begin With Yes music page for more.


Are you still waiting for the train?


“When you focus your attention on the power you don’t have, you miss out discovering the power that you do have.”

Most of us would like to feel more powerful and have more influence on how our lives unfold. Yet instead of seeking our power, we spend time waiting patiently for circumstances to manifest in ways we want them to.

Sure we want to make good things happen, but we choose to wait until we have more time, money, or clarity. We wait until the person we love loves us back, or we decide we’ll wait until we are older, wiser, thinner, or more confident. Sure we want to get on with our lives, but we play it safe, waiting until our ducks are lined up and we’re certain things will work out just the way that we want them too.

Unfortunately, waiting will never unlock our power or leave us feeling engaged and enthusiastic about our lives. Waiting will never make change happen, never resolve challenges, and will never make our dreams come true.

Here’s why:


Collective Wisdom

Collective Wisdom-newsletter

The collective wisdom of the Begin with Yes family is a powerful thing! Many of you have sought or shared advice or support through my Facebook posts, but when a post disappears, so does the visibility to others who may need it.

I wanted a place where the collective wisdom can accumulate so I created the Collective Wisdom project. Over time it’ll be a place where people can go to see what others are facing and learn from the advice, or just take in the supportive comments on situations they connect with.

One person can never have all the answers, so submit your question to the Begin with Yes family and get the wisdom and support of others who are taking steps to change their lives and pursue their dreams too.

Some of you have already participated and there's a great base of wisdom building. If you ever need - or want to offer - support or encouragement, it’s just a click away! Visit the Collective Wisdom project.


Day Jobs and Dreams – A New Book Coming Soon!

Submit your story and join me in inspiring others!


Dreams come in all shapes and sizes, like writing a book, finding your dream job, improving your health, or turning your passion into your career. And one of the best ways to inspire people to take action on their dream is through the stories of others.

We’re half-way through creating a compilation of inspiring stories about people working toward a dream, and we want your story.

Whether you’ve achieved your dream, you’re on the way, or it’s still just a seed, it all matters. Someone will relate and your story will inspire them.

To read more or submit your story visit Begin with Yes: Day Jobs and Dreams.

Say "Yes" to Begin with Yes!


Some of you may have noticed that Facebook has limited what shows up in your news feed. Just liking a page isn't enough.

To ensure that Begin with Yes continues to show up in your news feed, just COMMENT (even the word YES will do) and SHARE a post or two on a regular basis. Thanks for saying YES today!


Remember, even when you feel dog tired, try to keep moving.


Even our new pup Toby agrees that taking those small steps will pay off!

Thanks for being with us on our Facebook page! Thanks also for be part of the Collective Wisdom initiative and thanks for sharing this newsletter with any family or friends you think might be due for a little encouragement!

Most of all, thanks for being you!

Love, Paul

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