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15 March 2020


Dear there,

The COVID-19 is changing the landscape for all of us. Here at Crazy for Ewe, we are taking precautions to ensure that our space is clean and safe, being vigilant about washing hands, avoiding physical contact, and keeping a safe social distance. I took this selfie Sunday as Ginni and I spent the day together wiping and disinfecting tables, doors, handles, chairs, literally, every hard surface in the shop.

As a small business, we are struggling to balance everyone’s health and safety, with our desire to serve and support our customers continue reading

Going on and coming up

All about yarn

Even if you’ve been knitting for a while, going into the yarn store can be overwhelming. So many choices. What’s the difference and how do I know what to choose? If you feel like this, join us for a fun afternoon of yarn exploration. In this class you’ll learn all about gauge and the difference between the various weights – sport, dk, chunky, and what the heck does more info and to register

stacked stitch swatch

This technique is beautiful, interesting, and different. Stitches are worked to create a stunning architectural effect that would make a lovely garment - a scarf, cowl, or even a skirt.

In this class, you'll learn the technique to create this unusual fabric and be ready to work any of those stacked stitch designs on Ravelry that simply take your breath away. More info or to register

Illusion Knitting

Tanis Gray, knitting designer extraordinaire, and author of the newly released Harry Potter: Knitting Magic: The Official Harry Potter Knitting Pattern Book, is coming to Crazy for Ewe April 18th. Mark your calendars for a wonderful class on Shadow Knitting The Dark Mark Scarf and a book signing event. more information and to register here
The book is flying off the shelves faster than the golden snitch, so hurry and get yours today!!

Better knitting

If you're looking to improve your knitting, this is the class for you. Whether you are a relative beginner or you've been knitting for a while, this class will give you the techniques to take your knitting to the next level. You'll learn several different ways to cast on and bind off, all the different ways there are to increase and decrease (and when and why to use each), and more. This class will build your skills and boost your knitting confidence.

Mark your calendars for April 25th. Register here

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