HIGH FIVE! Welcome to all our new fans! Here's the bro down: - Have you checked out the Steam Discussions yet? - Read previous newsletters on the w

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Welcome to all our new fans! Here's the bro down:
- Have you checked out the Steam Discussions yet?
- Read previous newsletters on the website.
- Access the latest version of the game by visiting your Humble Bundle page (log into Humble Bundle or use the link they sent you when you pre-ordered, visit your library and click on Broforce) - or play it on Steam (updates automatically).



We greased up the proverbial elbows and managed to knock off a long list of bugs in Broforce. And probably created a whole new list of bugs in the process...but, you know, out with the old…


Death Match and Versus Mode actually work now
Brodowns no longer immediately end if there's a draw in Deathmatch
Load times taking progressively longer in some instances has been improved
Main menu lag improved
Menu highlight height is now 25% shorter to fix the bleed
Selecting "BACK" from the versus menu no longer locks the game
Published offline campaigns can now be played via the custom campaign menu
Campaigns with no title don’t mess up the offline campaign browser anymore
"AREA LIBERATED" end mission text mask no longer looks pinched
Option to force hard mode in custom levels added
Input system rebuilt from scratch - should fix all XBone controller related issues, better binding, rumble added (XBox controllers only)
General cinematics polish and improvements
Bug preventing you from picking up ammo in CR 666 boss stage is fixed
Brolander and Broden have been added to the credits background pic
New and improved fireballs
Ellen Ripbro’s unlimited specials bug is fixed
Scaffolding (6) no longer hangs the game if no ceiling in the level
Helicopter boss level with the crash/die bug has been fixed
Fixed the bug preventing the final achievement from being unlocked on Iron Bro/Hard Mode
Ash’s double chainsaw bug (whilst using melee and special) is fixed
Corner avatar no longer bugs out after you die as Broveheart while using his special
Brobocop special targeting attack bug (sometimes interrupting targeting) now fixed
World Map black mist
Night level lights wrong graphic fixed
Assmouth should load correctly now
Boneworms explode better now
Mook Launcher boss difficulty tweaked (he’s harder to kill now)
Iron Bro floating crates bug fixed
Fixed dog howl (no longer sounds like hell beast)


(We’ll leave it to you to explore them)

"Front row ticket to the gun show, baby"
“You’re fired”
“I’ll be back”
"I must be on Broadway"
“No ticket”
"I didn't want to resort to violence, but I didn't have a choice"


We have another update coming at you in the next few weeks, and without giving too much away, there might just be a new bro (or three). Who’s That Bro???


Adorable plushie suicide mooks will be available for purchase off Devolver’s online store in the next few days!


The glorious Ballad of Rambro trailer won the “Most Innovative Advertising for a Video Game Award” at the Golden Trailer Awards 2016! Huge congratulations to our benevolent publisher overlords Devolver Digital, video game trailer sorcerer Kert Gartner, and the man behind the music, Deon Van Heerden! (And, of course, America, for the endless inspiration)


Besides the obvious lazing about in golden jacuzzis smoking Cuban cigars, we’ve managed to find a little bit of time to do some new stuff. That is, once we got over the bizarre emptiness of not crunching-on-Broforce-for-36-hours-straight-then-crunching-some-more. Case in point, our NSFW multiplayer butt sex prototype, “Genital Jousting”.

Which inspired this awesome in-depth (sorry) article by Jess Joho, published on Killscreen.

"Featuring by far the most superb ass-feel ever experienced in a game"

And actually managed to win an award of its own at AMAZE Berlin 2016 International Independent Video Games Festival.

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But - you know it - “We’ll be back”



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