August 2021


And just like that, it is late summer - nearly fall. This has been a tumultuous year - almost or even as much so as 2020 in its own way.

It seems like only a handful of months ago we were plunged without warning into a life of near-isolation. Everything normal and natural about the flow of daily life suddenly felt scary and foreign.

We put on our best brave faces and adapted, but the adaptation process itself didn't feel either gentle or kind.

Then, just when it was starting to feel like it would never happen, the world began to open up again. In fits and starts, we opened, closed. Opened, closed. Opened and then closed. Now it seems we are open again....sort some places but not in others....really, we still aren't exactly sure what is happening here, there and everywhere around the world.

Which means we get to make some choices.

If we want joy, we must find it where we are, as we are. We must not waste one moment more waiting on it, but rather choose to notice even the tiniest of wonders, taking time to marvel gratefully right as they cross our path.

Like the feel of soft feathers against our cheek first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Like the joyful wag of a furry tail and warm liquid eyes beaming unconditional love in our exact direction without fail.

Like the exquisite "tap tap tap" of tiny tortoise toes that heralds the arrival of a small ravenous mountain on legs who can't wait another minute to sample whatever we are eating and not sharing.

These reliable daily wonders have carried our little flock through the deepest valley of grief we have yet faced together.

We miss our Tall Tree. We miss him so much.

And yet we know he is in the place where everyone gets their very own set of soft feathery wings. He wears his grand new wings so lightly yet so regally, soaring easily across the veil to keep watch over his family, his flock.

How are you holding up as this year continues? What small joys and wonders have crossed your path at just the perfect moments? What do you feel grateful for? If you have a moment, please hit "reply" and let us know - we always love to hear from you!


Holiday pic from happier times - complete with insets to be sure all flock members get to be in it!


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