May 2019

President's Message

May is upon us and we are progressing well into the new year. We are very happy with the performance of our new manager, ACS West. The conversion to a new collection system has been satisfactory as most members have successfully made payments correctly either by mail or electronically. If anyone is having a problem, please contact ACS West for assistance. The payment system is also doing very well. BCA vendors are being paid more timely and accurately than before. This reflects well on our association.

May 4th will be the Spring Yard Sale which is usually our most successful. It may be a rite of Spring that neighbors clean out attics, garages, or storage units for this event, but it often feels like a block party. This event is special due to the competition to make the largest contributions to Goodwill to benefit the Spring Run Elementary School PTA. Collington moved their yard sale to this same date to benefit Goodwill and the two simultaneous events should bring more traffic.

The annual walk-through inspections will be conducted in May and June. It is clear that many residents have already started the spring gardening including removal of broken limbs and mulching. These all make the inspections less impacting. Other points which often help are power washing in addition to the mailbox enhancements. Many mailboxes will only need a good washing or scrubbing to remove some winter grim or mildew; not a paint job.

The next Board meeting will be May 9th at 6:00 pm at the clubhouse. We look forward to seeing you then.

Earl Bishop
Association President


Birkdale Community Association Board Meeting

The next Board Meeting will be May 9th

6 pm at the Birkdale Clubhouse

Birkdale Golf Club, 8511 Royal Birkdale Drive, Chesterfield, VA 23832

All community members are welcome and encouraged to attend.


May 4th - Yard Sale (with Goodwill truck at Spring Run Elementary)

May 9th - Board Meeting

Aug 8th - Board Meeting

Oct 3rd - Annual Meeting

Oct 5th - Yard Sale (with Goodwill truck at SRES)

Oct 6th - Fall Festival (tentative)

Nov 14th - Board Meeting


Treasurer's Report May 2019


The Birkdale Board thanks our residents who have completed the transition to our new managing agent, Association Community Services West, Inc., (ACS West). REMINDER: Did you submit your second quarterly $101 payment for this year which was due on April 1, 2019? If your payment is late, additional fees and late charges apply.


Several residents still have credit balances for their assessments. Others have balances due. If you have questions regarding the status of your account, please contact ACS West, Inc.
1904 Byrd Avenue, Suite 100
Richmond, VA 23230
804-282-7451, or


If you have not received your coupon book for payment of your quarterly assessments, please call or email ACS West, Inc.


Birkdale’s collection agency, Equity Experts, continues to pursue delinquent accounts. Since being contracted by the Birkdale Board in November 2016, Equity Experts has followed 77 delinquent accounts and collected $33,100.95 for the Association. However, there remain 12 significantly delinquent accounts. Once an account has been referred to Equity Experts, collection fees increase substantially for the homeowner.


Remember, that if you decide to sell your Birkdale home, you or your realtor must order a Disclosure Package from ACS, West. Check the website for information.


Contact Betsy Martello, Treasurer, 804-739-7487, or,




May 9, 2019 at 6:00 PM

Birkdale Golf Club, 8511 Royal Birkdale Drive, Chesterfield, VA 23832

I. WELCOME AND CALL TO ORDER (Earl Bishop - President)
II. ROLL CALL AND QUORUM STATUS (Betsy Martello – Secretary)
III. APPROVAL OF AGENDA (Earl Bishop – President)
IV. SET ADJOURNMENT TIME (Earl Bishop – President)
V. APPROVAL OF MINUTES (February 7, 2018, Regular Meeting)



a. President (Earl Bishop)

b. Treasurer (Betsy Martello)

c. Management (Lee Ann King)

d. ARC (Lee Kemmet)

e. Covenants Committee

f. Grounds Committee (Wayne Bass)

g. Lake Comittee (Derek Evans)

h . Social Comittee (Anne Haring

 Communications Committee (Cynthia Steiner)

 Communications Committee (Cynthia Steiner)

a. Trash Collection update
b. Gas streetlight update
c. PNC Bank account

a. Royal Birkdale right-of-way gate
b. Equity Experts contract changes
c. Capital contributions
d. Gazebo/storage
e. ARC Guidelines




*Audience members are welcome to address the Board during the Member Voice segment of the meeting. This section is intended to provide audience members an opportunity to give input to the Board of Directors. The Board will take any input under advisement but may not respond immediately as they proceed with the planned business of the Association. The Board reserves the right to limit this section of the meeting to a time they believe is appropriate.


Birkdale's Most Recent Financial Statement


Effective January 1, 2019 ACS West is our Managing Agent

If you had reoccurring payments with Associa, please make sure they have been turned off and your new account is set up with ACS West.
link to: ACS WEST

Thank you!


News from the Architectural Review Committee

April has brought green grass and beautiful, blooming bushes and flowers to Birkdale. Even though it has been a slow month for the ARC Committee people are now beginning to do things around their homes and we should see those home projects picking up.

Reminder: If you have any concerns you can bring them to the Community meeting on May 9th . Hope to see you there.

Applications submitted to ARC for approval:
9002 Highgate Hill Dr.- Roof
8313 Houghton Pl.- Other/ Multiple Items
14513 Leamington Dr. - Fence
8819 Emerald Dunes Circle - Other/ Multiple Items
8804 Merseyside Lane - Exterior Painting

Lee Kemmet
ARC Committee

Mailbox Maintenance

When painting your mailbox, Lowe’s on Hull Street has the equivalent paint color as Benjamin Moore which is Lowe's - Valspar, Quart, 372, Birkdale Vanilla Cookie, Exterior Satin, Duramax, 105-1, 107-1, 214-2.5. For your metal mailbox, Cottage Red Benjamin Moore is available at Virginia Paint.

The Birkdale logo and numbers may be purchased from Sign Crafters Inc., Attn: Barbara Isenberg, 804-379-2004 or email OR from Pat Faivre, our Birkdale resident, who has maintained mailboxes in Birkdale for several years, 804-608-0418 or

Things to Remember- Landscape and Lighting

NO DUMPING-As spring cleanup begins in the neighborhood, please do not drag brush and clippings or debris into the common areas to include the area surrounding the power lines behind Royal Birkdale. Those areas belong to you and to me as property owners.

Do not park on the green spaces in Birkdale.

NO FIRES whatsoever- Fires require a permit from Chesterfield County. It is not appropriate to burn any vegetation in common areas and cause alarm to nearby homeowners.

If you have any problems or complaints regarding common areas, please call Wayne Bass at 804-639-0795.

If you smell gas or think you smell gas around any of our lights, please call 911 then call the gas company at 1-800-543-8911.

If residents observe a problem with a gas light such as no light at night, please call Nick Martello at 804-739-7487.


A Volunteer is needed to lead the Covenants Committee.

The Annual Inspection is just around the corner.

In addition to mailbox units we will be looking from the street at the overall appearance of the property to be in compliance with the governing documents.
• Stained or dirty siding
• Peeling paint
• Rotted wood
• Driveway in disrepair
• Shutters faded, missing or broken
• Yard lamp post broken, leaning or rusted
• Overgrown lawn or bushes, dead trees

These are the mailbox violations which will be sited during the annual inspection:.
• Bases which need to be painted or repaired.
• Mailboxes which need to be painted
• Faded numbers, logo missing
• Posts which need to be painted or repaired

If there is something you would like the committee to look into, there is a form “Rules Violation Complaint” on the website. Simply fill it out and send it to a committee member - we will check it out for you and your information will be kept confidential. We rely on all neighbors to do their part to keep their properties maintained, and if they see a violation to report it. Thank you for doing your part to make Birkdale a community we can be proud to call home.

If you would like to learn more about the duties involved for this position or volunteer to lead or serve on the Covenants Committee, contact Earl Bishop or any other board member.



MAY 4, 2019

8:00 AM – 12:00 NOON

It is almost time for our Semi-Annual Yard Sale. Start cleaning out your attic and garage! The Spring Yard sale is being done in conjunction with Goodwill and the Spring Run Elementary School PTA to raises funds for the school. We are pleased that Collington has moved their yard sale to the same date to also benefit the school and hopefully to enhance traffic through both our neighborhoods. Advertising will be in the Times Dispatch and the Observer.

If you have items that do not sell or you simply prefer to donate your items, you are in luck! A Goodwill truck will be located at Spring Run Elementary School on Saturday, May 4, 2019 from 10 am to 2:00 pm. Yard Sale remnants, spring cleaning removals, and other gently used items are welcome. Goodwill will weigh the truck before and after the event and determine the contribution based on weight added. Spring Run PTA will make money for every pound of items donated, so it's a great time to do some spring cleaning and help out your neighborhood school.

Goodwill Yard Sale May2019

Barracuda Swim Team

Attention Birkdale Swim Team Parents-

The Birkdale Swim Team is no longer combined with the Collington Swim Team. The team is now the Collington Barracudas and will be run exclusively through the Collington pool.

The Swim Team is open to all Birkdale residents. Anyone can join!

Here's the link to our website with detailed information about the merge and how to sign up!

The contact is Joy Blocher, email:


Graduation Time

Let's Celebrate our Birkdale Graduates!

Share your you have a child or grandchild graduating from High School this spring? Email their picture along with their name and the High School they graduated from along with any other information you'd like to share-college attending in fall, internships, jobs etc. It will be included in the Celebrations section of June's Newsletter.
email to:
Subject line- graduates

May School Schedule

Monday, May 27th Memorial Day is observed. No School


Neighborhood Watch


Any suspicious activity should always be reported to the local police to investigate.

Bear and fox sightings should be reported to the Animal Control number.

Emergency 911 | Non-emergency 804-748-1251

Animal Control 748-1683

Traffic Hotline 804-318-8084 or


Lake Committee

Birkdale Lake Report

If you would like to serve on this committee or have suggestions/comments, please contact Derek at the email below.

Derek Evans
C - 400-2295

Be a good neighbor

Be a Good Neighbor

The Chesterfield County Office of Community Enhancements offers several recommendations for being a Good Neighbor and making Great Neighborhoods. In spring and summer these can take on added emphasis.

Maintain property and home appearance-spring is a great time to power wash your house, stain the deck, spruce up your mailbox (see the ARC report below for paint specs), trim bushes, and add a fresh layer of mulch to your beds.

Pick-up and clean-up including litter, debris, and garbage-remember we require back yard trash pickup in Birkdale.

Control pets and clean-up after them; it’s your responsibility as a pet owner. If you take your pooch for a walk, be sure to bring along a bag. Be respectful of your neighbors' yards and be sure to pick up waste from common areas.

Be mindful of noise situations whether pets, lawn equipment, music.

Respect others property and space usage by limiting on-street parking- Emergency vehicles need to be able to move through the streets of Birkdale. As the weather warms up, children are out riding bikes and scooters, and may not be seen behind a car parked on the street.

Respect public and common areas and be mindful of regulations The speed limit in Birkdale is 25 mph.

Thank you for being a great neighbor!


Little Libraries

Many thanks to everyone who has helped keep the Birkdale Little Libraries up and running. We’ve had a constant rotation of great reads for kids and adults alike! If you have some great books to share, please leave them at the gazebo on Royal Birkdale or at the new location on Killarney Court. As you finish a book this month- think Little Library! Please continue to let your neighbors know that the Little Libraries are located in the gazebo on Royal Birkdale Drive and Killarney Court, and are full of great books of all kinds.

Take one, read one, leave one…it’s free for everyone!


Please Serve on our Committees


We are alway looking for residents willing to lend their time and talents to help make Birkdale the community we are all proud to live in. We are grateful to the many kind folks in Birkdale willing to help with committees and social activities, and serving on the Board of Directors. It takes many hands to successfully execute the duties of our Birkdale Community Association for the benefit of all the residents of our 657 homes.



Community Contact List

The Birkdale Board Members
* Earl Bishop, President, 639-5915,
* Doug Craig, Vice President, 639-1439,
* Betsy Martello, Secretary/Treasurer, 739-7487,
* Wayne Bass, Member-at -Large, 639-0795
*ACS West, Community Manager, 804-282-7451, fax 804-282-9590, E-mail:

Association Contact Names and Numbers
* ARC—Lee Kemmet, 739-6405,
* Covenants Committee--- a volunteer is needed to head this committee
* Landscaping/Lighting—Wayne Bass, 639-0795; Nick Martello, 739-7487
* Newsletter—Cynthia Steiner, 804-852-3365,
* Social Committee—VACANT
* Neighborhood Watch--VACANT (Won't you please put your name here?)

Other Community Contact Names and Numbers
* Women’s Club—currently inactive
* Lake Committee---Derek Evans 804-400-2295,
* Swim Team—Joy Blocher, email:
* Birkdale Golf Course Clubhouse, 739-8800,
* Birkdale Golf/Swim Membership,


Support your Neighborhood and Local Businesses who Advertise in the Birkdale Classifieds

Spring has arrived and our to-do lists are getting longer. Time to contact the advertisers in this month's Classifieds to help tackle those chores. The Classifieds are filled with local businesses that offer services to make our lives easier. Are you looking to hire a landscape service to help with yard work, an electrician or an handyman to get that to do list started? Does your AC unit need a tune-up? How about a coupon to a local restaurant? Look no further than the Birkdale Classifieds to find residents and local businesses that can help. To view the current issue of the Birkdale Classifieds click the link below. This publication is printed and delivered to paper boxes of all Birkdale residents the first week of each month. If you would like to run an ad in the Birkdale Classifieds, contact Cynthia Steiner at Resident rates start as low as $15/month.

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