LifeLine Business Consulting & Grand Innovations Becomes Detroit’s Newest Addition To Co-Working Space Providers LifeLine Kicks Off Grand Opening Wit


LifeLine Business Consulting & Grand Innovations Becomes Detroit’s Newest Addition To Co-Working Space Providers

LifeLine Kicks Off Grand Opening With Work-A-Thon and "Coffee and Conversations" Event Celebrating Collaboration Over Competition On June 1, 2016

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DETROIT, MI – May 24, 2016 - Known for providing the very best in business consulting services LifeLine Business Consulting has announced their recent extension of The Lifeline Network, Entrepreneurs Hub. The recent partnership with Grand Innovations will provide area entrepreneurs with an opportunity to partake in co-working and small business space. The one stop shop is located at the lovely Riverfront Place at 1400 Woodbridge St. overlooking the beautiful Detroit River in Detroit, MI. Application process and affordable rates for aspiring business owners are available and can be found at

“There are so many small business owners in need of office space to conduct meetings, or work on their businesses but do not necessarily have the need or the budget for a leased office commitment,” says Dr. Nicole Farmer, CEO of LifeLine. “The Entrepreneurs Hub, Lifeline and Grand Innovation have become the solution to that problem.”

To kick off the launch of The Entrepreneurs Hub, Detroit's premiere co-working space will host its first free co-working day on June 1, 2016 from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Following the work-a-thon, Dr. Farmer and the Entrepreneurs Hub team will host Coffee and Conversations highlight the importance of collaboration over competition when building a small business.

The hub for entrepreneurs will also provide conference spaces equipped with white boards and televisions, wifi, dedicated locked filing cabinets, office furniture, 24 hour access for members, printed stations, secured parking, free and discounted workshops. Virtual offices will begin at $99, which will include 4 hours of conference room usage a month.

In addition to the existing programs and initiatives provided by Lifeline, the co-working space will offer tenants, a 15-week entrepreneur course with a heavy concentration on business plan development and implementation. Graduates of the course will receive a completed business plan and the perfect pitch for funding.

Under the direction of Dr. Farmer, Lifeline Business Consulting Services’ mission to inspire minority, men and women business owners of all in the areas of entrepreneurship. In the past year, Lifeline has provided over 50 entrepreneurs with the tools necessary in securing funding for their businesses. Through their recent partnership with Detroit-Micro-Loan Collaboration, the company has also helped oversee over $11 millions in funding for minority-owned businesses.

For additional information regarding the Entrepreneurs Hub, Lifeline Business Services, Grand Innovations or press inquiries, visit or contact T.Marie Media Group at 248.716.0240 or via e-mail at


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