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ASLEEP IN THE GARDEN, 66"h x 56"w Oil, acrylic, charcoal on canvas


LESS, PLEASE is the title I chose for my upcoming exhibition at the Craighead Green Gallery in Dallas, Texas. I will have ten paintings on display and am thrilled to be showing at the gallery alongside Arturo Mallmann and Patrick Gordon. If you are in town, I would love to see you there!

Artist Reception Saturday, August 27


"LESS PLEASE" 60" X 48" oil on canvas


The majority of the works were created under the influence of summer, from May through July and so became more and more reflective of the the sensory overloads of the season.

A thousand shades of green, long shadows and changing light, birdsong, soaring temperatures, and the smell of smoke from forest fires in New Mexico and beyond were always present.

It was a particularly focused and intense period of time in my studio. Early mornings and late nights, sometimes stormy or sweltering, I worked with windows and doors open, preferring the sounds, and smells of my surroundings to that of my air conditioner. Acutely aware of climate change, I became sentimental for summers past, real or imagined. I isolated and insulated myself from the outside world – its news and noise and anxiety evoking distractions. I craved routine and “less” of everything but the work. I stopped listening to the radio, or even music. I didn’t miss it. I didn’t have room for it, with summer playing out around me.


"LAWN PARTY" 48" x 48" Acrylic, oil, graphite on canvas


"I HAD THE BEST INTENTIONS" 56"h x 40"w, Acrylic, gesso, oil on canvas


With just my own company, several of the paintings began to take on the feeling of self-portraits, but in a vague, universal way. Some works contain hidden imagery of things I carry in my heart. This vaporous narrative was a slightly new direction in my art, but I decided to follow the works and let them come into being. The risk is worth taking. It’s the only way forward, letting go of control, but that of course means that painting never gets easier. LESS, PLEASE became the fitting theme for the work.

These are just a few of the images of the works included in the exhibition. If you'd like to see a pdf them all click here.

For more information on any of the paintings, please contact Craighead Green Gallery.


Thank you again for your support and encouragement, not just for my art, but for artists and creatives everywhere in all walks of life.
Art has proven essential and continues to provide healing and hope.

With gratitude,


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