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NEW work from multidimensional artist Ileana Grimm

"With the emergence of modern art and expression," says Canadian pop artist Ileana Grimm, "all past rules are thrown out, allowing anything to be explored and called art." This redrawing of the lines has made room for humorous artwork like Ileana's, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Known for her distinctive style and particular sense of humour, Ileana explores "obvious interpretations of the life we live." The hidden seed of darkness that is a hallmark of humorous modern art is intended to shock," she says, "and hopefully allow us to laugh at ourselves."

Many of Ileana's pieces harmonize bold colour and text, revealing snapshots of everyday life through familiar imagery and wordplay. It is this combination that makes her work both accessible and appealing. "Humans can't live without humour," says Ileana, "and I love that I can bring laughter to others through what I see and hear each day."

Humour may be at the centre of a career that spans more than three decades, but there is another facet to Ileana's creativity: the exploration and interpretation of our uniquely Canadian landscape. With a particular focus on the geography of Georgian Bay, the scenic side of Ileana Grimm (alongside the familiar humorist!) is featured at Dimensions this month.


'The Island' 12x24 acrylic on canvas


12x12 acrylic on canvas

let Go copy

12x24 acrylic on canvas


Congratulations to award-winning artist Cody Greco on his feature in Applied Arts!

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Hockey Hall of Fame inductee Jayna Hefford was in the house!

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Poster includes: Jayna Hefford, Alexander Yakushev, Gary Bettman, Martin St. Louis, Martin Brodeur, Willie O'Ree


SNAP 2019 tickets are now ON SALE!

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Long Day, Richard Collens, SNAP 2019 Award of Merit


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