“This debut album from singer-songwriter, violinist and pianist Alice Zawadzki is a many-splendoured collection that pulls you in a myriad of emotiona


“This debut album from singer-songwriter, violinist and pianist Alice Zawadzki is a many-splendoured collection that pulls you in a myriad of emotional directions. It would be difficult to imagine a finer introduction to Zawadzki’s music.”

4 Stars, Jazzwise Magazine

"China Lane confirms Zawadzki’s status as a major vocal, instrumental and song-writing talent."

4 Stars, The Jazz Mann

"2014 has already been a triumphant year for female jazz vocalists. China Lane, the debut album from singer-songwriter and violinist Alice Zawadzki, may just be the most exciting of a rich crop. Zawadzki is a distinctive and individual presence, both as a singer and as a writer, and her own diverse background and immersion in different cultures makes for a compelling and entrancing listen. This is inclusive music that deserves to be heard."

4 Stars, Music OMH


Recently Sold-out Two Performances at Pizza Express!!

“A genuine original."

"With a pure, pealing voice that can darken into brooding low tones, and twist with the flexibility and harmonic awareness of a jazz singer." _- read Guardian (review of recent album release at Pizza Express)_

"She's not just an immensely able singer."

"With a wide range of vocal timbre, but also a songwriter AND a lyricist AND a violinist AND a pianist AND an entertainer...- The possibilities are just limitless." LondonJazz (read review of album release at Pizza Express)


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Alice Zawadzki's debut album China Lane ...

...released on Whirlwind Recordings on June 16th 2014 and features a who’s who of contemporary guiding lights from the European scene in guitarist Alex Roth, bassist Andreas Lang, Hammond organ from Kit Downes, and drummer Jon Scott. Guests include the unique and virtuosic cellist Shirley Smart, contributions from superb vocalists Emilia Mårtensson and Fini Bearman, and a sextet of string players on the title track; Eva Thorarinsdottir, Steven Proctor, Lucy Nolan, Tanah Stevens, Peggy Nolan and Rosemary Toll. It encompasses rich influences from ancient Sephardic songs about loss, exodus and prejudice, to her own modern fairytales full of mischief, whimsy, obsession and magic, folk tales about young love inspired by Bartok and bewitching, intoxicated heavy night time beats. With the exception of some backing vocal overdubs, the entire album was recorded live in the same room by talented engineer Les Mommsen (and Ben Cottrell for the title track) allowing the spirit of friendship, spontaneity, and warmth into the recording.



Alice’s diverse background and striking ability...

...to perform across genres while retaining her own intelligent and expressive musical style give her a unique accessibility.

Supporting Band Line-up
Peter Lee - Piano; Tom McReady - Bass;
Jon Scott - Drums; Alex Roth - Guitar




19 November - EFG London Jazz Festival Headliner at the Royal Albert Hall's Elgar Room

'Raestar Ventures is pleased to welcome Alice Z to it's booking artist roster'


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