April 8, 2015 Forget the tulips and the day lilies trying to push their leaves up through the ground, isn't this a better picture? Look at Zoey sitti

Bunny   Zoey

April 8, 2015

Forget the tulips and the day lilies trying to push their leaves up through the ground, isn't this a better picture? Look at Zoey sitting up all by herself---no help from the rabbit!

We had our first walk outside together in the stroller around the neighborhood last week. Zoey rode; I pushed. I was hoping the fresh air would tire her out so she'd sleep better for her mom and dad. It didn't work, but Grandma slept really well.



If you want a good night's sleep, stop worrying about your computer crashing and losing all your data. I've had two hard drives fail before I wised up. Now I use Carbonite. All my files and photos are encrypted and backed up in the cloud automatically. I mention this only because Carbonite is offering a sweet incentive right now for new sign-ups. If you care about what's on your computer (pictures of grandbabies, just as an example) give this a read. Click here.

New April5-05

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Covered Tape Measures

I've been crocheting up a storm. There are now 20 designs to pick from. See them here. If I sell out of the one you want, don't worry, I'll make it specially for you.

Are your quilts cockeyed? Before you add borders, put your quilt top on a flat surface and measure the width in three places: near the top, near the bottom, and smack dab in the middle. Write down the average of the three measurements. Repeat for the length of the quilt top. Cut your border to fit these dimensions and your quilt will be true.


NeckLites Came in Early

For all of you waiting for your NeckLite orders to go out, do the happy dance. The next batch of NeckLites just arrived so your orders can go out on Monday. (It would be tomorrow, but I'll be visiting quilters in Illinois this weekend which makes it really hard for me to be here and there at the same time.)

If you've been wanting a NeckLite, now is a good time to get one. (I have them in stock!) I was also able to pick neckstrap colors. I've got Aqua, Red, Neon Green, and Rainbow this time around. (The rainbow ones are very colorful and each one appears to be slightly different.)

NeckLites are super light weight and bright as the dickens. Two AA batteries will run your NeckLite for about 10 hours.


Click to watch. Be amazed.

Quick Slick Battery Test

So how do you know if you've got fresh batteries. The only way I knew how to tell was if I took them out of the package, or I put them in a battery tester. Trouble was, I couldn't always remember where I put the battery tester. By time I found the batter tester, I had lost the battery.

Then I saw this video. Eureka! Now I can tell in two seconds if the battery I'm holding is dead as a doorknob or all juiced up. Why didn't anybody ever tell me this before?!

St Basils Cathedral
Ami s Whig Rose Variation

Ultra-Light Quilty Earrings

Now that the weather has warmed up and you can leave your hat at home, celebrate the season with ultra-light paper earrings. Don't freak out, they're made of archival paper and heat pressed with ultra clear archival plastic so they are water resistant. (You can get caught in the rain, but don't jump in the lake.)

Learn more here.


America's Quilting History

Facts vs. Myths About America's Quilting Past

Test your knowledge of quilting history here. Good stuff.

IMG 3779

From Under The Desk

I can't believe Mom wrote so much in this newsletter! She means well, but she does go on...

I read all the way to the end (she likes when I do that) and now I'm positively exhausted.


While I nap, you can watch this video. Then you can take a nap.


Thank You!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

Have a wonderful quilty day!

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