It’s January. We’re off the sauce. We are also trying to be gluten free, dairy free, carb free and sugar free — which basically means we don’t have enough energy to write the newsletter. But we shall persevere. Here is what you need to know this month: Perlot is out and the countdown clock is ticking on the three new restaurants slated to open soon. Beaumont has a new dentist and our very own Marie Kondo. (For those of you who haven't watched the Japanese organizer's show on Netflix, grab the remote.) See how our local organizer measures up. Stay current; stay connected. Join BBA today.



Anchors Away

The pretzel twins from Seattle are throwing open the doors to Anchor End Euro Café and Bakery on Wednesday, January 23. This colorful cafe, in the former Thrive location, serves comfort food with Eastern European influenced plates, breads, and desserts. First thing on the list to try: Pierogies. Check out the entire menu here. Amanda Lewis and Jessica Rachon are celebrating their grand opening with a pretzel raffle. Anytime you make a purchase you get a raffle ticket for a free pretzel. Drawings held weekly for the entire year.

Get ready to Grumble

Jonathan Grumbles of Tacovore is killing us. The wait for a hand-made margarita in a frosty mason jar (within walking distance) is too much to take. Jonathan, who is rather tight-lipped about his Portland endeavour, claims to be three-quarters of the way staffed and ready to open the week of January 28. The rest is just salt on the rim.

Wonder Boy

Alex Wood, owner of our little Fremont hot spot Bang Bang, has been working feverishly on his new cocktail bar Wonderly (next door in the former Cha Cha Cha location). No open date at this point but late January has not been ruled out. The secret to Alex's success is size -- having a small space keeps the staff small and keeps him working alongside the team daily. "We're nimble," he said. "We learn things all the time and adjust accordingly". But maybe, most importantly Alex works hard to cultivate relationships within the neighborhood. It's important to know who is sitting in your restaurant; it goes a long way.

Say it isn't so, Perlot

Perlot is closed. After 610 days of kitchen confidential our besties have locked the door at 4605 NE Fremont. The best chef in Westeros, Patirck McKee; everyone's favorite front-of-the-house, Casey O'brien; and the brains behind the bar, Eric Schindele; served their last brunch on Sunday, January 13 (to a full house we might add.) Flipping through our Instagram feed of all those plates we've enjoyed sitting at the bar, listening to jazz with our neighbors, we realize just how much we have lost. Why didn't we all realize it sooner? But maybe we'll get a second chance at love...



The Art of Un-Fatting

Honest Training’s nutrition program, Building Better Bodies, with Dr. Jerome Craig continues on Wednesday, January 16. Find out how the dark days of winter can become your lighter days of the year. And how this can set you up to spring forth in the spring with energy. Examine the science of “un-fatting in the winter and learn how to customize your diet to you.

Meditate Try Not To Hate

Wild Hearts Wellness is hosting a workshop entitled B+F Guided Breathwork: Using the Power of Breath to Let Go & Self Heal on Sunday, January 20 from 5 to 6:30 pm. Sliding scale payment between $20-$40. Breathwork is a profound active meditation. Learn to use it to come in contact with your authentic whole self and shred what doesn't serve that.

Brain on Fire

Love Hive Yoga is hosting a Trauma and Resiliency Workshop with Dr. Sarina Saturn on Saturday, January 26 from 3 to 6 pm. Learn to buffer and heal from negative events through yoga, meditation, and rewarding social connections. Cost is $50. They are also offering a new member special of $30 for 30 days of unlimited classes.



The Good Doctor

We're not kidding, the first thing you'll notice about our new Beaumont dentist, Dr. Kiran Mistry, is his smile. It puts you immediately at ease. Beaumont Village Dental Arts has taken over the practice of long-time Beaumont dentist Dr. Michael Gerhard at 4414 NE Fremont, next to Grand Central Bakery. Dr. Kiran has been practicing dentistry for 8 years. A special hospital residency gave him the expertise to treat patients with complex medical conditions, sedate patients and treat children. (He has laughing gas, and, drill-free and injection free options for the young ones.) He enjoys treating the aging population, anxious patients who require sedation, implants, and orthodontics. And he adores his dental team.

Our family dentist is a family man with a wife (also a dentist) and 2 small children. He likes to strum the guitar and loves the Beatles. He even has an Italian Greyhound named Ellie, after Eleanor Rigby.

“I would want people to know that "I truly care about my patients and the quality of my work, and that's always my #1 priority," Dr. Kiran said. "I believe in educating patients and treating patients as if they were family." He welcomes patients with or without insurance. (Did we mention he’s a Beattle’s fan.)



Move over Marie Kondo

Beaumont’s Professional Organizer Michaela Santen of Simple Sweep is a fan of Marie Kondo, the Japanese tidy-upper that is making headlines helping people reset their lives through minimalist organization. Like Marie, Michaela is petite with an infectious smile. But unlike Marie, she doesn’t knock on books to “wake them up,” or fall to her knees and express gratitude to the home upon arrival. But Michaela does love that Marie is getting people to look at their stuff in a different light. “I like that her methods are simple and easy for people to grasp and attempt on their own,” she said. Like Marie, Michaela specializes is helping people live better with less stuff. “I work mostly with families because with 3 kids I know what it’s like to navigate through all the stuff kids come with. And believe me it’s so much easier when there is less of it.”

On the Netflix program, Marie’s clients are always moved to tears over the positive impact getting organized has on their lives. Michaela admits to having saved a few marriages by working with couples to get areas of their house organized. "It really helps to have a third person there to re-direct one spouse and to keep the project moving instead of stalling with a disagreement.” Marie empties her purse every day. The one thing Michaela does daily is make her bed -- and she said, so should you. The key is to moderate and create good daily habits. “The secret to my success is that I work on it every day. I put things away at the end of each day, I make to-do lists and I try to do better every day.” Look for Michaela's segment on How to Make Marie Kondo Work for You on Tuesday, January 15 at 4 pm on KGW.



Sin City: Working with Adult-Themed Businesses
Venture Portland Training
January 23, 2019 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Venture Portland, 1125 SE Madison, Suite 112

Portland has more strip clubs per capita than any other city, more cannabis dispensaries than Starbucks and McDonalds and its bar scene was named ‘Best in America’ by USA Today. What do all these businesses have in common? They all want to get involved with their business district! Find out how other districts have partnered with these adult-themed businesses in their events and promotions while also remaining in compliance with state and federal laws. Only $5 with lunch for BBA members.

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