They have so much to be thankful for today. It’s been an incredible year with a gamut of challenges and delights that have kept the Humane Society of


They have so much to be thankful for today.


"Demon's Way" AKA Annie a retired racehorse was found skinny and neglected in Lincoln. She's now safe with us.

It’s been an incredible year with a gamut of challenges and delights that have kept the Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills (HSSF) on its proverbial toes. Ranging from exciting, strenuous, emotionally difficult, and ultimately rewarding, HSSF remains the only nonprofit utilizing humane officers in the region to protect animals.

At the top of the rewarding list are two equally important groups: wonderful volunteers and dedicated donors.


This group of goats were rescued just in time to get their anemic condition under control.

Our amazing volunteers spend hours of their time working at the HSSF bookstore every day where sales help keep the lights on! Others care for animals that HSSF must hold and rehabilitate from their former abusive or neglectful situations—often with twice-a-day-feeding, grooming, monitoring, socializing, exercising, etc.


"Chris" was one of a handful of animals rescued from their neglectful state.

Our dedicated donors provide direct financial resources to help cover expenses involved in all our operations. Rescued animals (horses, dogs, cats, goats, sheep, pigs, and birds to date) can be in dire need of immediate veterinarian care—first to save their lives, and then to rehabilitate until they can be adopted. Costs for ongoing care (especially with horses—hooves, teeth, parasites, etc.), medications, board, feed, transport and more, add up fast.


"Wrinkles" is no longer a shadow of his former self. In fact, he'd lived his entire life outside and alone.

HSSF cannot thank our donors and volunteers long or loud enough. You are very special people, and we are eternally grateful for your support.

Responding to complaint calls, or pleas for help, involves working with animal owners. Some cooperate, but those who are in denial of their animals’ unacceptable conditions, are hoarding animals, or refuse to work to resolve the issues, can be difficult.

Regardless of the emotional and/or legal challenges that may be created, HSSF does not walk away or abandon animals in need. Each case requires a myriad of skills—from patience, knowledge of the law, and ability to work in very adverse situations.

HSSF is a completely volunteer organization. We have no employees, but we do contract only with the very best providers as needed.

Our Board of Directors has experienced professionals that competently steer the HSSF ship through all kinds of waters. We are fortunate and eternally grateful for all the expertise that goes into HSSF decision making to prevent animal cruelty.

With the Holidays upon us, we wish all sentient beings Peace and Goodwill in their lives.


New Location, Same Great Service and Prices

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Saving Animals -- one book at a time.

We've moved, but not far -- Come visit us at our new location - just two doors down. You can rest your weary bones on the comfy sofa and chairs in the window. Strike up a conversation with a fellow shopper or just check out the pages of a book or magazine.

Each purchase helps us help abused and neglected animals. A $19 book purchase will get us a bale of hay to feed one horse for a week or a goat for even longer. $45 will give a horse a hoof trim and $5 will purchase a tube of topical flea prevention for a dog.

The HSSF book store still packs a Big Value punch when it comes to great deals and tops the charts in organization.

See You Soon

10AM - 6PM
13412 Lincoln Way, Auburn (MAP)

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Thank you for your support!!


Help Us Protect Animals in 2014

If you are not yet a sponsor, please consider making a $15 monthly donation or a one-time contribution. CLICK HERE

The Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills (HSSF) enforces the laws that protect animals from abuse. We are funded solely by donations, grants and sales from our Used Book Store in Auburn. As an independent nonprofit organization, we are not affiliated with any other entity, and we do not receive any government funding. All donations are tax-deductible.

GET FORM HERE to mail a donation. Make checks payable to HSSF and mail to 2945 Bell Road #175, Auburn, CA 95603.


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