Nordic Wristbands Reduce, Recycle and Offset

Nordic Wristbands is extending the variety of methods to minimise the company’s carbon impact.


Festival payment cards ready for recycling

The company’s founder, Jone Nuutinen, who championed the introduction of recyclable cotton and bamboo wristbands, has switch his attention to the RFID tags. Any unused PVC cards and tags can be recycled and raw material used for production of pipes and cable casing. Recycling and collection infrastructure is ready for Central Europe and they are working to extend the service elsewhere during the latter part of 2024.


Towards net zero production emissions

Nordic Wristband’s partnership with Stand for Trees has completed its’ second full year. All of Nordic’s 2023 emissions were calculated to be 293 tonnes of CO2 from production of RFID tags, locks and polyesters, which this year is offset through the Stand for Trees Project at Cordillera Azul National Park in Peru.


Jone Nuutinen

Jone says:
“293 tonnes, which is significantly less than the emissions from our production in 2022, is a result from successfully introducing recycled materials to our customers, who, instead of virgin polyester, are more and more choosing to use the recycled option instead. I take this as a clear sign we are doing something right!”

293 Tonnes CO2 Offset equals to
• ~5,860 trees saved
• 12,683 full bags of mixed waste recycled
• 101 tonnes of mixed waste recycled
• 11,105 light bulbs replaced with LEDs
• 1.6 railcars of coal unburned
• 751,120 miles cycled instead of driving with a car with a gas engine
• 65 gas cars removed from traffic for one year
• 57 homes switching to 100% renewable electricity for 1 year

So on an average, every 1000 products purchased from Nordic, two ancient rainforest trees are saved!


Cordillera Azul in a nutshell

Mountainous cloud forests, lush Amazon lowlands, sparkling blue lagoons, and rich biodiversity have earned Cordillera Azul National Park the title of ‘jewel of the Peruvian Amazon’. It is home to unique habitats, some virtually untouched by man, and to an estimated 6,000 plant species, more than 80 mammals, about 180 fish species, and over 600 bird species.

cordillera azul-spectacled small bear-HP-web

Two black bears in Cordillera Azul

Although protected, the park is at risk of deforestation from nearby communities dependent on its resources. The project creates alternative, sustainable livelihoods for them, protects more than 1.35 million hectares in a wider landscape of 2.3 million hectares, and prevents the emissions of more than 15 million tonnes of CO2.

Nordic Wristbands' 2024 offset registrations:

Cordillera Azul (293 Tonnes)

Gola Rainforest (8.5 Tonnes)

Read more about registration on Verra website


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