A final look at 2015! Dear DAKTARI Friend, It has been a very busy time at DAKTARI over these past few months! We hope that you had a great end to t

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Newsletter December

A final look at 2015!

Dear DAKTARI Friend,

It has been a very busy time at DAKTARI over these past few months! We hope that you had a great end to the year and have started 2016 on the right foot! Here are the highlights from the end of 2015!

IMG 6113
Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 4.58.10 PM

Over the past couple of months we were fortunate enough to share some awesome experiences with the children who come to DAKTARI.
Hard work and a great effort does not go unrewarded, so October and November saw the best children from both the Eco-Club and DAKTARI's regular program go on fun, rewarding trips!
The children from the Eco-Club went to Moholoholo Rehab Centre, whereas the DAKTARI Winners of the Week went on a Game Drive to Makalali Game Reserve. Both groups had incredible experiences!.

Animal Header
IMG 2173

Nyalou meeting Candy

Latest animals to join DAKTARI!

In October we had a very busy period where we welcomed Nyalou, a baby Nyala, as well as a few baby squirrels. Whereas the Nyala came from a nearby farm, the squirrels were rescued right here in the camp, where they were found without a mother for a few days.

IMG 5118

Nyalou has built a wonderful relationship with Chancy, the nyala we welcomed earlier in the year, as well as the rest of the antelope who regularly visit the camp! The squirrels have also been released and are now freely roaming the camp with the other wild squirrels!


Princess Leia's injury and recovery!

In October Princess Leia suffered an injury which broke her leg. As you can see, when she first arrived she looked a little worse for wear (far left). However, she progressed well, but in early December the leg still had not healed, so the vet decided that amputating the leg was the best option. Unsurprisingly, Princess Leia has recovered very well and is now moving freely outside with the rest of her marmoset family!

Outreach Header

Planting trees at the Creche!

Working in the community!

Over the last period our Outreach Project worked on the following projects in the village:

Planting trees with the children from the creche!
Painting a caravan which acts as a food stand with one of our partners at the village!
We also worked on establishing the program in the creches we work with!


Some pictures of our work in the village over the last few months!

IMG 3074
IMG 5386

Visit to the French Alliance in Johannesburg!

In early December, part of the DAKTARI team travelled to Johannesburg to take part in a conference where they presented the project to the Alliance Française! All in all, a great event! Moreover, we would like to say a HUGE thank you for their incredible donation!!

A journalist wrote a little piece about DAKTARI and the occasion! You can read the article here!

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Thank you for reading our Newsletter and for your continued support! It is just a quick glimpse into what happens at DAKTARI!

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