July 6th, 2018

Our Members of Parliament are home for the summer! This is an incredible time to get to know them and also share with them about some issues that you care about.

Click here to find out who your MP is by postal code.

Our leaders love hearing from their constituents. This is your time to shine!

We encourage you to take a moment to stop by their office, book a time to meet with them, pray for them and chat with them.

Tip: Bring a nice coffee for the assistant. They work so hard and appreciate little gestures like this.

Go for it!

Below are some issues that you can consider speaking to them about.



A big issue in the news currently is the ongoing Me Too movement exposing harassment and belittlement of women as sexual objects.

With allegations against Prime Minister Trudeau coming to light and taking centre stage, this is a huge topic of conversation on the radar of our leaders. Let's continue to keep our nation in prayer in this regard and pray for healing to come to all victims of sexual harassment.

Faytene will be highlighting this issue on her show this week in an interview with Danielle Strickland of the Brave Campaign. We encourage you to check it out when it airs Sunday. Click here for airing times.



Debate on Bill C-75 has been closed. The bill is over 300 pages in length. One section of this bill is seeking to add very serious crimes into the category of summary offenses. This would mean that those crimes would be extremely limited in their consequences, less than six months in jail or even just a fine.

Critics feel that such light sentencing for these crimes makes Canada a target for serious crime.

Click here to watch an interview Faytene did with the Honourable Rob Nicholson regarding C-75.

Here are just a few crimes included in this Bill:

▪ Abduction of person under the age of 16
▪ Abduction of person under the age of 14
▪ Punishment for infanticide
▪ Concealing the body of a child
▪ Polygamy
▪ Forced marriage
▪ Advocating genocide
▪ Possession of explosive (note: change in title of offence)
▪ Providing or collecting property for certain activities
▪ Providing, making available, etc. property or services for terrorist purposes
▪ Using or possessing property for terrorist purposes
▪ Participation in activity of a terrorist group
▪ Advocating or promoting commission of terrorism offences
▪ Concealing person who carried out terrorist activity
▪ Concealing a person who is likely to carry out terrorist activity
▪ Obstructing or violence to or arrest of officiating clergyman
Abduction of person under the age of 16
Abduction of person under the age of 14
Punishment for infanticide
Concealing the body of a child
Forced marriage
Advocating genocide
Possession of explosive (note: change in title of offence)
Providing or collecting property for certain activities
Providing, making available, etc. property or services for terrorist purposes
Using or possessing property for terrorist purposes
Participation in activity of a terrorist group
Advocating or promoting commission of terrorism offences
Concealing person who carried out terrorist activity
Concealing a person who is likely to carry out terrorist activity
Obstructing or violence to or arrest of officiating clergyman

Here is what you can do:

Click here to contact your MP about Bill C-75.

Contact the Sponsor of the Bill: Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould letting her know how you feel about these changes.

You could copy MP Rob Nicholson's office with your letters so he has visibility. He is the MP that has brought these issues to light.


2018 DEFICIT / Spending About to Hit 37 Billion

"The risk is the spending, instead of boosting growth, fuels inflation that could ultimately undermine Canada’s economy" Financial Post

"Polls showed that the deficit became the greatest concern to Canadians, even surpassing health care. Canada does not need fiscal stimulus....deficits limit business investment and productivity $8.2-million ice rink set up on Parliament Hill over the winter was used by about 150,000 skaters, newly disclosed government documents show – averaging a cost of about $53 a person or $100,000 a day." Globe and Mail

"Illegal immigration will cost Canadian taxpayers hundreds of millions each year. Quebec alone is demanding the feds pay $146 million, while the City of Toronto is facing another $64.5 million." Toronto Sun

Click here to watch an interview Faytene did with Christine Van Geyn from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation regarding this issue.

Here is what you can do:

Vote for Fiscally Responsible election platforms in 2019 // Stay tuned for this information as it is made available. They are paying attention to the issues people base their vote on. Especially in light of the Ontario Provincial election and some drastic changes in voting in certain by elections.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Leader of the Opposition Andrew Scheer
Finance Minister Bill Morneau
Conservative Shadow Minister of Finance Pierre Poilievre
Let them know how important fiscal responsibility is for you in deciding who to vote for in the next federal election.



Canada's relationship with Israel is perhaps the most distant that it has been in a decade. Let's continue to encourage our leaders to stand as a supporter of Israel as the only democracy in the middle east that allows both Arabs and Jews to enjoy full democratic rights in their borders.

Click here to watch a recent interview by Faytene of former MP James Lunney where they discussed this issue.

Click here to watch a prophecy by the late John Paul Jackson where he explained what he believed would happen if Canada withdrew in their support of Israel.



MP Lisa Raitt questions the Prime Minister as to wether or not Trump offered to remove the sunset clause from the NAFTA agreement. This is a major hurdle stopping an agreement. She did not get a straight answer. Let's pray that wisdom prevails and the Canadian economy will remain strong and the a strong deal can be made to benefit both nations.
Click here to watch her question.



Status: The Cannabis Act (C-45) passed through Parliament and received Royal Assent. October 17th is the date the government has announced that the law will come into effect.

Medical professionals, mental health, and addiction professionals are now sending out their warnings of the dangers. One of the interesting projected complications is crossing into the USA. The USA has stated they will not hesitate to ban people for crossing that have used pot and even a lifetime ban for crossing with possession. You can pay to have a waiver, but that is costly and not a guarantee. We need to let our youth and young adults know that even if it is legal here, they may not be able to travel at will anymore.

Here is what you can do:

Now we move to contacting our MPP's (provincial representatives) asking for strict regulating laws. For e.g.: marijuana use in public spaces, where it is sold, age requirements etc...
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
Northwest Territories



This enactment removes the justification in the Criminal Code available to teachers, parents and persons standing in the place of parents of using force as a means of correction toward a pupil or child under their care.

This type of bill has been defeated in the Senate before. Bill S-206 would repeal section 43 of the Criminal Code without replacing it, meaning that even careful corrective force by loving parents would amount to assault. As it stands, section 43 provides important protection for parents from criminal liability and supports the parental duty to protect and educate their children.

It is currently at Committee level.

Here is what you can do:

Contact Members of the Senate asking them to vote against this legislation.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 11.21.26 PM

Michelle Rempel questions government regarding illegal border crossing


MP Michelle Rempel is concerned about Legal refugees and the back log that is keeping them from entering Canada due to illegal border crossing.
The number of illegal border crossers in Canada will soon surpass 25,000.
National Post article

Here is what you can do:

Contact Michelle Rempel and let her know how you feel. She could use encouragement as well as letters asking for action.

Contact Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking him to take action to protect our borders and the legal immigration process.



Former Conservative MP Brad Trost (Saskatoon-University) has sponsored a petition to initiate a debate on abortion in the House of Commons by way of an all-party committee which would be required to draft such a bill. Consideration of this would be by a free vote in the House of Commons.


Opened for signature May 17, 2018 @ 4:27 p.m. (EDT)
Closed for signature September 14, 2018 @ 4:27 p.m. (EDT)

Please click HERE to sign this petition


Only open until July 13th! (Just one more week.)
In light of assisted dying legislation this is so critical. The government is asking the public for their ideas and insight into how to improve palliative care! This is a great opportunity to share your voice.
Click here for more information



Prayer can move mountains and shift nations. Let's never get weary bringing petitions to the Lord knowing that, if we do not give up, we shall reap a reward.

A great place to start in praying for Canada is signing up for a Justice Wall 15 minute weekly prayer slot. Click here to find out more:



If you have a heart to be a part of brining positive change to Canada we highly encourage you to check out the Canada Summit for National Progress. Please click on the player below to hear Faytene share more about the vision of this important gathering.


We encourage you to check out our director, Faytene Grasseschi's, weekly show which is attacking key issues for our nation head on.

Visit for information on upcoming shows or to watch those which have already aired.

Shows have covered topics such as marijuana legislation, doctor conscience rights, first nations suicide, poverty, human trafficking, abortion harassment, sex education and more.



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