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▪ New Constitutional Changes for Community Service being Developed
▪ New IFC Rush Rules being proposed
▪ Panhell reviewing Social Media rules
▪ Going Active weekend social discussions
▪ Member education events hosted with one other org.
▪ Greek Week is November 6-10th!
New Constitutional Changes for Community Service being Developed
New IFC Rush Rules being proposed
Panhell reviewing Social Media rules
Going Active weekend social discussions
Member education events hosted with one other org.
Greek Week is November 6-10th!

UHall trick or treating all Greek hour Oct 30th
Saturday Oct 28th: Homecoming- Family Day on SURF
Nov 2nd: Paint and Sip at the OBT Murals
November 11, 2017: Redlands Family Services Fall Food Drive(FFD) Two Shifts 8-11 am and 11-2 pm to help sort, weight, check expiration and pack boxes.

Make sure your organization is beginning the report for the Spring of 2017 and Fall of 2017. Due first of March 2018. Looking forward to great reports!

Accreditation Outline


▪ Register any events at Party Approval on October 24th.
▪ Party on Frat Row....update at your organization meetings coming from Committee Members this week!
Register any events at Party Approval on October 24th.
Party on Frat Row....update at your organization meetings coming from Committee Members this week!

Big Event in Chapel!

Be a part of the Forever Yours Homecoming show and represent your favorite Bulldog Group!Our Saturday afternoon musical tribute will feature songs, stories, and other surprises that celebrate the revered past, exhilarating present, and promising future of the University of Redlands. But we need your help to kick off the show!

We are inviting alumni and students of the below groups to be a part of the show with a chant when your group is called upon. Participation is very simple- just arrive at 2:30 PM for brief directions and practice, sit with your participating group in a reserved section at the front of the Chapel and get ready for the show.

Participating Groups:
Greeks and Siblinghoods (alumni and students)
Salzburg (alumni and students)
Class of 1959 (alumni)
Athletes (alumni and students)
East Hall Residents (students)
Williams Hall Residents (students)
MGSA & ASUR (alumni and students)

Please make sure to register and invite your friends! If you have any questions please call the Office of Alumni and Community Relations at 909-748-8011.

Party on Frat Row

9:30 pm -1:30 am
Entrance by Pi Chi
Committee of Organizations representing mainly Greek Groups will host the party together.
No Parking on Row after 3 pm.

Co-Sponsors (received $360 last year!!!)

Committee Member Responsible for an element of the party and attending planning and debriefing meetings (total of 8-10 meetings in Spring-Fall)
2 Set-up People
2 Clean-up People
3 Sober Hosts Sober hosts will go through normal sober host procedure
Advertising to Alumni and on Social Media
Discounted Tickets for members (if contacted committee member by Tuesday)

Alumni Gathering at Same Time

At the same time as our event…..The Bulldog Alumni Bash is from 9pm-12am. This is hosted by the Alumni Board of Directors and the cost is $10 per person. There will be appetizers and alcohol served. We will also have music and dancing. All alumni welcome to attend invited.

This form is to declare your inactive status from your organization. If this is not declared by the third Friday of the beginning of the Fall or Spring semester you will be counted for the organizations Sober Host Ratio.

Gisele R. Greek of week

Gisele Rodriguez

Gisele ha sworked hard as the PanHellenic Presidency this semester. Gisele shared that she believes, "it provides a great support structure not only through the organization you call home, but also through the rest of the brother and sister organizations." Gisele shared that "My funniest memory of Greek Life so far was definitely at last year's Lipsync, I don't remember if it was Fall or Spring, but Pi Chi's theme was Hunger Games and it was really entertaining/funny to watch." Thanks for all you do Gisele!

Chris Blank

Chris Blank

Chris, as a member of Chi Sig, works hard for his Psychology degree when he is not working at the Inland Empire Residential Center with struggling youth. Chris shared, "I joined greek life to become more involved on campus after i finished sports and to meet new people. Greek life is great because you will find a new group of people with diverse interests. There's also a group of people who will always be there to support you. My favorite part of greek life is getting to hang out at the chi sig house. The funniest thing in greek life is winning das boot in lip sync."

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