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Kate Spade’s death hit me pretty hard. My prayer is that this is a rallying cry for us to take care of ourselves with greater consistency. I wrote this piece on LinkedIn and had many exchanges here and privately as a result. Let’s keep this conversation going and not let it die as the news of Kate Spade’s death becomes part of history.


Looking after your health and your family’s health can be a big job.

Would you like to make that job easier?

My next guest is coming from halfway around the world to share her book, her humor and her invaluable tips on understanding your relationships between food, mood, energy, and productivity.


This summer will be the last time I offer the 8 Week Coaching and YES Camp together in one discounted package. I have six slots left which kicks off in two weeks. Imagine 8 Weeks to a more intentional you. Imagine 8 Weeks to less stress and more time with the people you love. Imagine creating this for your life in the name of improv!

After the last group – YES Cuffs seen above – completed their training this is what they had to say.

“I feel more aware and understand that fear has nothing to do with what I am doing now. I’m much more productive and less distracted after completing your program." John, Defense Attorney

"I knew what I was capable of and I thank Jeanne for helping me activate it.” Susan, Financial Planner

Please email me at to see about slot for you.


I think about this a lot on my own and as I work with clients and especially interact with audiences. My latest blog post may include some tips you can use.

Things I’m Loving Now


My nieces gave me this mug and I’m overflowing with JOY every time I sip from it. It warms my heart to have them think of me when they see YES.

Yours in Care,


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