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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this past year was marked with a global health care emergency, worldwide loss of lives, economic disruptions and psychosocial crises. In March, 2021, we reached the one-year anniversary of the pandemic with a more hopeful future as vaccines become more readily available and the world’s population becomes immunized. As we look to the future and begin to re-engage in the “new” normal, I’m reminded of the quote by
Stephanie Lahart:

Replace the word can’t with can. Know that you can, believe that you can, and know with ALL of your heart that you will. You will succeed in spite of any obstacles that may try to hinder you. There’s so much power in having a positive attitude, positive mindset, and a positive outlook.

This issue of WORK contains 30 articles on topics such risk factors for stress, sense of coherence and lean leadership, work engagement, sedentary behaviors, self-compassion training, corporate wellness counseling among many other interesting topics.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you. Have a positive attitude, positive mindset, and a positive outlook for the future.


Karen Jacobs


From the Editor – Openly Available
Jacobs, Karen

Nursing work intention, stress, and professionalism in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Iran: A cross-sectional study – Openly Available
Zandian, Hamed | Alipouri Sakha, Minoo | Nasiri, Elhameh | Zahirian Moghadam, Telma

An assessment of ergonomic issues in the home offices of university employees sent home due to the COVID-19 pandemic – Openly Available
Gerding, Thomas | Syck, Megan | Daniel, Denise | Naylor, Jennifer | Kotowski, Susan E. | Gillespie, Gordon L. | Freeman, Andrew M. | Huston, Thomas R. | Davis, Kermit G.

Occupational health practices among dental care professionals before and during the COVID-19 pandemic – Openly Available
Banaee, Sean | Claiborne, Denise M. | Akpinar-Elci, Muge

The impact of emergency responder musculoskeletal injuries in the State of Ohio
Hanson, Brendan | Steele Cooper, Sherry | Tegarden, Taryn | Tipton, Logan | Freeman, Andrew M. | Davis, Kermit G. | Gillespie, Gordon L. | Huston, Thomas

Depression or anxiety symptoms associated with occupational role transitions in Brazilian adults with a traumatic spinal cord injury: A multivariate analysis
Placeres, Aline Ferreira | Fiorati, Regina Célia | Alonso, Jonas Bodini | Carrijo, Débora Couto de Mello | Jesus, Tiago Silva

Dietary and behavior changes following RDN-led corporate wellness counseling: A secondary analysis
Hicks-Roof, Kristen K. | Franklin, Mallory P. | Sealey-Potts, Claudia V. | Zeglin, Robert J.

The lengths of spinal curvature stretch due to the angles of sitting on saddle chair to alleviate back pain: A statistical analysis
Shanmugam, Ramalingam

The prevalence of upper quadrants work-related musculoskeletal disorders and their predictors among registered nurses
Almhdawi, Khader A. | Alrabbaie, Hassan | Kanaan, Saddam F. | Alahmar, Moh’d Rami | Oteir, Alaa O. | Mansour, Zaid Modhi | Obeidat, Donia S.

Prevalence and characteristics of campus-based employee wellness programs among United States accredited colleges and universities
Yuen, Hon K. | Becker, Sarah W. | Ellis, Michelle T. | Moses, Joi

Self-compassion training within a workplace physical activity program: A pilot study
Biber, Duke D. | Rice, Ken | Ellis, Rebecca

With great power comes great ability: Extending research on fitness characteristics that influence work sample test battery performance in law enforcement recruits
Lockie, Robert G. | Moreno, Matthew R. | Rodas, Karly A. | Dulla, Joseph M. | Orr, Robin M. | Dawes, J. Jay

Physical fitness: Differences between initial hiring to academy in law enforcement recruits who graduate or separate from academy
Lockie, Robert G. | Dawes, J. Jay | Orr, Robin M. | Dulla, Joseph M.

Supervisor ratings of productivity loss associated with presenteeism and sick leave due to musculoskeletal disorders and common mental disorders in Sweden
Bernfort, Lars | Persson, Jan | Linderoth, Catharina | Ekberg, Kerstin

Association between the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale III and early return to work after traumatic brain injury
Iida, Yuki | Chiba, Haruko | Ikeda, Satoshi | Tohyama, Harukazu | Ikoma, Katsunori

Exploratory study to determine if risk factors for occupational skin disease vary by type of food processing operation
Hon, Chun-Yip | Holness, D Linn | Fairclough, Craig | Tchernikov, Illia | Arrandale, Victoria

Employment status monitoring in an Argentinian population of patients with multiple sclerosis: Particularities of a developing country
Vanotti, S. | Eizaguirre, M.B. | Ciufia, N.P. | Yastremiz, C.M. | Roman, M.S. | Canyazo, C. Martinez | Alonso, R. | Garcea, O. | Benedict, R.H.B. | Caceres, F.

Exploration of individualized goals and ergonomic modifications to address sedentary behaviors and perceived health and well-being among office workers
Naber, Allison | Willhite, Logan | Lucas Molitor, Whitney

Elements of stress relieving strategies amongst engineering students
_ Joshi, Anurag | Kiran, Ravi_

Job demands, work engagement and job turnover intentions among registered nurses: Explained by work-family private life inference
Pennbrant, Sandra | Dåderman, Anna

Employment status in people with relapsing multiple sclerosis from Argentina: Impact of disability and neuropsychological factors
Carnero Contentti, Edgar | López, Pablo Adrián | Pettinicchi, Juan Pablo | Tkachuk, Veronica | Balbuena, María Eugenia | Caride, Alejandro

Perception of just culture and its association with work–related psychosocial factors in an Iranian industrial setting: Implications for prevention of errors
Mahmoudi, Davoud | Nazari, Saeed | Castellucci, Héctor Ignacio | Dianat, Iman

A comparison design study of feedback modalities to support deep breathing whilst performing work tasks
Cochrane, Karen Anne | Loke, Lian | Ahmadpour, Naseem | Schiphorst, Thecla | Campbell, Andrew | Núñez-Pacheco, Claudia

Incidence of type II workplace violence in Catalan nursing homes
Vidal-Martí, Cristina

Sense of Coherence and Lean-based leadership and alterations in sick leave and productivity at a steel wire manufacturing unit
Halling, Bengt | Bergman, Mikael | Wijk, Katarina

Correlation between craniovertebral angle in the sagittal plane and angles and indices measured in the frontal plane at the moment of inducing forward head posture
Molaeifar, Samira | Yazdani, Farzaneh | Yoosefinejad, Amin Kordi | Karimi, Mohammad Taghi

Repeated standing back extension exercise: Influence on muscle shear modulus change after lumbodorsal muscle fatigue
Kumamoto, Tsuneo | Seko, Toshiaki | Matsuda, Ryo | Miura, Sayo

Musculoskeletal disorders and selecting an appropriate tool for ergonomic risk assessment in the dental profession
Eyvazlou, Meysam | Asghari, Arya | Mokarami, Hamidreza | Bagheri Hosseinabadi, Majid | Derakhshan Jazari, Milad | Gharibi, Vahid

Need for recovery scale in the firefighting context: Examination of the Persian culture-adapted version
Saeidnia, Hamid | Mortezapour, Alireza | Babamiri, Mohammad | Soltanian, Alireza | Kalatpour, Omid

Analyses and anticipating the future trend of accidents in an electricity distribution company of Iran: A time series analysis
Tasouj, Shirin Nasrollah Nejhad | Bardsiri, Tayebeh Ilaghinezhad | Arefi, Maryam Feiz | Poya, Amin Babaei | Rahimi, Sajjad | Mazloumi, Ehsan | Raei, Mehdi | Dehghan, Naser | Poursadeqiyan, Mohsen

Risk factors for stress among police officers: A systematic literature review – Openly Available
Galanis, Petros | Fragkou, Despoina | Katsoulas, Theodoros A.


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