Press release: Communique of Consultative Process Conference Mogadishu, September 21th, 2015 -----A three day Consultative Process Conference that be


Press release: Communique of Consultative Process Conference

Mogadishu, September 21th, 2015 -----A three day Consultative Process Conference that began on the 19th of September concluded today in Mogadishu. The Conference convened the President of the Federal Government of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the Speaker of the Federal Parliament Mohamed Osman Jawari, The Prime Minister of the Federal Government Omar Sharmarke, President of Puntland Regional Government Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, President of South-West Sharif Hassan Sheikh, President of Jubbaland Ahmed Mohamed Islam and the President of Galmudug Abdikarim Hussein Guled.

In line with the guideline from the High Level Partnership Forum (HPLF) held in Mogadishu in July 2015. The Leaders concurred to launch National Consultative Forum (NCF). The first convening of this Forum will be on the 14th of October in which it will be discussed what’s the best Electoral Process that is fair and peaceful which is can be conducted in the country on 2016.

The Leaders once again reaffirmed their commitment to fulfill democratic, representative, all-inclusive and at the same time based on the agreed Principle and Work Plan from the HPLF meeting of Mogadishu 29th-30th July 2015, Mogadishu.

In reference to the above two declarations the Leaders agreed to form the Structural Form and Terms of Reference The National Consultative Forum (NCF).

The Forum will comprise of the Leaders of the Federal Government, Regional Government Leaders, representative from the Federal Parliament, Regional Governments, Representatives from Regions that do not yet have a Regional Governance, and Representatives from the Civil Society. The Forum will conceive two Committees, Working Committee and Technical Committee.

These two Committees will prepare the Work-Plan prior to the commencement of the Conference. This will define the description of the National Consultative Process and options of Electoral Process that are possible on 2016.
When the National Consultative Forum approves of the consented Work-Plan, then the Working Committee will embark on consultative meeting with the different sectors of the public Nationwide in the months of October and November 2015.

The Leaders have also agreed to convene another National Consultative Forum meeting on December 2015, in order review the outcome of the consultation with the General Public. In that meeting the Forum is expected to agree on choosing the ideal Electoral Process that’s viable for 2016 from the various options discussed in the consultative meetings. The Leaders have also concurred that the chosen electoral process will be enacted by regulatory framework into legislation.

The Leaders resolved that special preference will be rendered to the women, youth and the minority groups to have a visible role in the consultative process. They also noted that the outcome of the Consultative Forum will be representative of the Somali people and will reflect its need and inspiration of all-inclusive and transparent Electoral Process.

Present in the launching of the forum were the International Community and partners. The Leaders urged the International Community to support the National Consultative Process, particularly on technicalities and advise.


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