Think the NeckLites are terrific? Wait until you see the new sewing machine lights! The "before and after" pictures are amazing. Plus price breaks on


Think the NeckLites are terrific? Wait until you see the new sewing machine lights! The "before and after" pictures are amazing. Plus price breaks on must have items, sewing tips, and dog stuff in this edition of the newsletter.


Thank you for double clicking and opening this newsletter. Zoey just read it and by the expression on her face, she was pretty happy about it. (OK, that's not true. My granddaughter is absolutely brilliant, but at seven months she can't read yet. She does like playing in her new swing however.)


This light makes a huge difference on my BERNINA 1260.

More Light!

The same ingenious people that make the NeckLites have come out with an awesome light for sewing machines! Oh yeah!

It's actually two lights: one for the needle and one for the harp---that's the opening under the arm of the machine to the right of the needle.


Stick the smaller light above your needle.


Stick the larger light under the arm of your machine.


Secure the wire away from the presser foot lever in the back of the machine.

The Sewing Machine Light is even brighter than the NeckLite and, it barely takes up any room at all on your machine. Six TacDots™ let you position the two lights, switch, and wires out of the way and flush with the machine.

Follow the installation instructions that come with the light carefully. The back of the LED's and the TacDots stick like crazy, so plan ahead. Order your Sewing Machine Light here.


Click to get a great deal!


Click to get a great deal!


Click to get a great deal!


On The Road

Thank you so much for mentioning my name to your guild Program Chair. My 2016 is filling up nicely. Three more guilds will be added to the list after they return their contracts.

I did some house cleaning on the web page the other day and updated my "History of a Traveling Quilt Teacher" page. I've been traveling nationally to teach quilting since the early 80's and have had the honor of visiting more than 500 groups so far! I still have to check off Idaho, Mississippi, and Rhode Island, but what a great time I've had! Quilters are the best!


Quiltmation (Quilt + Animation)

You've got to see this. I wasn't able to get permission to snag a photo of the quilt, so you'll just have to take my word for it. Running horses....from a quilt! Amazing. Click here to watch this video and be amazed. (Thanks Barb W.)

Credit Card Trick

Card Trick

As threatened in my last newsletter here's another tip for an expired credit card, loyalty card or hotel key card. (Thank you Alice Bristle.)

Use it to help sew a non-standard seam allowance that extends beyond the usual markings on the throatplate or bed of your sewing machine. Tape the card onto the throatplate and/or bed of your sewing machine with wide painters tape . Use the edge of the card as a guide, allowing the fabric to meet it but not go beyond it. A consistent seam allowance is virtually guaranteed.


Click the picture to watch the video.

Scooter's Video Pick

I have a new best friend. His name is Fritz and he is as clutzy as I am. Absolutely no eye-snout coordination. Seriously. This could be me. In fact I thought it was me, except I don't wear bandanas. I also don't wear bananas which is a word that looks very similar but means something entirely different. I think I would like bananas except I don't get people food.


Next Time

Scooter has been helping me pick out fabric for a new project. I'll share more about that in the next newsletter, so keep an eye out for it.


Thank You!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

Have a wonderful quilty day!

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