Do you know what regular food tastes like when all the fat has been taken out of it? Well, it tastes like cardboard. No one would want to eat it.
The food manufacturers know this and, therefore, they add other things to compensate for the lack of fat. Usually, these are various sweeteners such as sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and/or artificial sweeteners like aspartame.
I’ll get to the sugar in a moment, but I’d like to point out that even though artificial sweeteners have fewer calories, the evidence does NOT suggest that they are better for you than sugar.
In fact, many observational studies show a consistently high sugar diet, has a highly significant association with various diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and anxiety/depression.
In these low-fat products, healthy natural fats are being replaced with substances that are extremely harmful. It isn't just the inclusion of "bad" sugars it is also the additions of preservatives and additives

Bottom Line: Low-fat foods are usually highly processed products loaded with sugar, corn syrup and/or artificial sweeteners. They are extremely unhealthy.

The truth is, FAT is not always the enemy. In 90% of cases it is the amount of sugars and artificial ingredients in foods that create the problems. Let Toni teach you all about how sugars, carbs and fats affect Your individual body type.

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