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Welcome to the journal newsletter for the International Journal of Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Engineering Systems (KES). We are delighted to announce the publication of Volume 25, Issue 1.

The content from this new issue is included below, as well as details on how to submit your research to the journal.

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Table of Contents

Volume 25, Issue 1

Natural language query handling using extended knowledge provider system
Mukherjee, Prasenjit | Chattopadhyay, Atanu | Chakraborty, Baisakhi | Nandi, Debashis

User opinions driven social recommendation system
Paleti, Lakshmikanth | Radha Krishna, P. | Murthy, J.V.R.

Threat identification and risk assessments for named data networking architecture using SecRam
Singh, Vishwa Pratap | Ujjwal, R.L.

Local gradient pattern and deep learning-based approach for the iris recognition at-a-distance
Shirke, Swati D. | Rajabhushnam, C.

A cluster medoid approach for cloud task scheduling
Raju, Y. Home Prasanna | Devarakonda, Nagaraju

Development of Excessive-Smoke-Emitting-Car Fault Diagnostic System (ESECFDS) based on Case-Base Reasoning (CBR) Methodology
De, Sumana | Chakraborty, Baisakhi

Ontology based knowledge representation: Case study from agriculture domain
Malik, Nidhi | Hijam, Deena | Sharan, Aditi

An adaptive QoS supportive approach for user based services using Krill Herd Approach over Internet of Things (KHAI)
Padmavathi, V. | Saminathan, R. | Selvamuthukumaran, S.

Facial expression analysis using local directional stigma mean patterns and convolutional neural networks
Maheswari, V. Uma | Prasad, Golla Vara | Raju, S. Viswanadha

Demand prognosis of industry 4.0 to agriculture sector in India
Arora, Dhruv

Cryptanalysis of a novel bitwise XOR rotational algorithm and security for IoT devices
Nath, Seema | Som, Subhranil | Negi, Mukesh Chandra

An efficient mobility prediction model for resource allocation in mobile cloud computing
Akki, Praveena | Vijayarajan, V.


Call for Papers

As a member of our research community, we would like to invite you to contribute your own work for publication in the journal. International Journal of Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Engineering Systems offers contributing authors many benefits, including:

· First class Editorial Board.

· Rigorous peer review and speedy manuscript processing. We are always looking for reviewers that are willing to take an active part in ensuring the quality of the journal.

· Indexed in Scopus, Web of Science, DBLP and many more. Please see the Abstracting/Indexing information for further details.

View the detailed Instructions to Authors.


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