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February 17, 2020

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"Religion, as a set system of worship, is and has ever been the most implacable foe of spiritual life."

F.H. Robison (1885-1932)

Beyond Doctrine

As vastly important as doctrine is, what a joy it is when believers enter into a mutually mature experience beyond doctrine. Very few get here. It usually comes about through differences in doctrine that provided a context of grace, love, forbearance and acceptance.

Differences in doctrine are often the divine facilitator. This has been my repeated experience for many years. When there is doctrinal agreement, the doctrines themselves provide the context of the relationship.

Doctrinal agreement is the foundation of sects, denominations, cults and religions. Even those who do not possess Father’s spirit, or its fruit, can manage to have “fellowship” around their agreed-upon creeds. When there are differences in doctrine, Father drives relationships beyond individual and group understandings of doctrine into the unity of His spirit. This is God’s method of nurturing us away from human creedalism – to the unity of Christ’s Body.

If we keep the unity of spirit, doctrinal differences will not result in doctrinal division. Such differences provide an arena in which the fruit of God’s spirit is exercised. When we differ in our understanding of Scripture, it makes way for the genuine operation of love and grace, thus allowing us to recognize the operation of God’s spirit in others. This is actually very rare, for,

"We know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies" (I Corinthians 8:1).

Anyone can learn a system of doctrine and arrogantly hold to it and recite it. Only God’s spirit can hold understanding in a heart and life of love and grace. Love and grace are the stamp of God’s “approval.”

"For there must needs be, even parties among you, that, the approved, themselves may become manifest among you" (I Corinthians 11:19, REB).

Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
Daily Email Goodies

The Writings of M. Jaegle

Jaegle was an esteemed German associate of A.E. Knoch and contributor to the periodicals Unsearchable Riches and Unausforschlcher Reichtum.

(#3050) 476 pages. Facsimile. Paperback.

$23.95 (plus s&h)

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The Church in Ruins

Brief Thoughts on II Timothy

by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.

This brief survey of Paul’s last epistle will reveal that while almost 2000 years have transpired, the condition of the church has remained the same, and indeed has worsened in accordance with Paul’s warning to Timothy. This book is not a call for a re-awakening of “the church,” because it is apparent that this is not Father’s plan. Rather, it is a call to individual men – men whose place in the Christian religious system has left them empty, stagnant, and restless – to awaken to Father’s call to be His faithful servant and stand outside of that system to look for other faithful men as well.

ISBN: 9781934251591 -- 128 page PB (#3325)

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Study Shelf Catalog

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Our current catalog has 580 books by 227 authors, and 41 biographical sketches. There are 122 pages, 51 sections, including not only Scripture studies on many themes (especially along dispensational and universal lines), but also biographies, histories, periodicals, reference works, Scripture translations and study tools.

We are humbled that Father has given us, Christ’s Body, such a rich heritage of material contained in this catalog. We trust that the testimony of the centuries that this body of work involves will be an encouragement to you; a reminder that, though we may be few in number, God nevertheless always has had His testimony to truth the centuries. The biographical sketches alone make this unique collection a precious keepsake.

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Which Is Better?

Have you ever seen a typical traditional “gospel” tract laying in a “conspicuous” place, and wished that you could replace it with a real “better news” or “GREAT NEWS” version of that tract?

Well, now you can!

This is a simple presentation that asks some pointed questions and provides contrasting choices of answers, and then presents a clear explanation of our real God and Father which is commonly not represented in the usual religious setting.

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Fifteen Bombs

That Sank My Theological Ship

by - V.E. Jacobson (1900-1985).

This leaflet is one minister’s powerful personal testimony to the salvation of all mankind.

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Paul’s Gospel

by - William R. Newell (1868-1956)

This leaflet is a great and clear treatise on the gospel for today - Paul's Gospel.

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