Important update re Chayenu Global Hakhel Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to postpone this Live Broadcast to a later date. We apologize for

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Important update re Chayenu Global Hakhel

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to postpone this Live Broadcast to a later date. We apologize for the last-minute change and any inconveniences it may have caused you. Please look out for the rescheduled event after Shavuos, G-d willing.


Attention Rambam-Daily learners (or potentials):

There are some very significant occurrences, relating to daily Rambam study, we thought you’d be inspired by and should be aware of:

32 Year Anniversary
This past Acharon Shel Pesach (8th Day of Passover) marks exactly 32 years since the Lubavitcher Rebbe announced the launch of the campaign of “Daily Rambam Study”. (32 has the numerical equivalent of לב (lev), heart in Hebrew, and is often understood as a central figure, as the heart is to the entire body).

Nissan 25 - Charting the Course
This was when the Rebbe first mapped out the 3 tracks for Rambam study:
* 3-chapters-per-day, culminating the entire Mishneh Torah in (just under) one year;
* 1-chapter-per-day, completing the cycle in three years,
* Sefer HaMitzvos (a concise listing of the 613 Mitzvos), which runs parallel to the 3-chapter-per-day cycle, but is succinct.

Nissan 27 - Initiation of Actual Study Cycle
This date (Thursday, this year) marks the anniversary of the very first day of actual learning, beginning the first study-cycle (in 5744-1984), 32 years ago.
This is an opportune day to commit (or rededicate) ourselves to this daily study discipline, whether we’ve never participated before and want to join or have become slack, and require reinvigoration.

Nissan 28, 5776 - Unique Convergence of all 3 Cycles
Only one day each year, do all three tracks of Daily Rambam Study align to be on the same page, literally. This year, it is happening this Friday. (See the significance further on.)
To explain: In the first year of the 3-year-cycle (by those studying one chapter per day), everyone begins with the Hakdoma, the Rambam’s introduction to his Magnum Opus, which was incorporated into the study cycle, due to its foundational content.
In the third year of the one-chapter-per-day cycle, the very final chapter of Mishneh Torah (Chapter 12 of Hilchos Melochim) is studied by all, including the 3-chapter-per-day cycle, which culminates simultaneously.
However, in the middle year (of the 3-year-cycle), this overlap and synchronicity occurs at the halfway point of the Mishneh Torah study-cycle, which is “Sefer Avoda, Hilchos Pesulei HaMukdashim, Chapter 6”.

So what?!
Why does this matter?
And, how will it change the way we learn Rambam today? (or any other day?)

Good Question.

It is, in fact, VERY significant and brings to light the entire purpose of Rambam study in the first place. It’s important to recall, that a key, underlying purpose of the Rambam-Study-Initiative, as chartered by the Rebbe, is: The Unity of All Jewish People, through Torah.

The Rebbe explained at length (see Hisvaaduyos 5744 Vol. 3, pg. 1622) why precisely Rambam’s Mishneh Torah is the ultimate book, and its study, the ultimate tool, to unite world Jewry through Torah.

So, besides the individual’s goal of completing the entire Torah, there is the collective drive to unite Jews of all levels, through Torah, which absolutely hastens the Geulah and Moshiach’s arrival.

This is part of why the Rebbe charted 3 separate study-cycles to allow every Jew to participate at his/her level of learning. If 3 chapter per day is too demanding, try one-a-day. If that too is taxing, at least learn Sefer HaMitzvos (parallel to the former cycle). This, anyone can achieve!

One of the points the Rebbe makes is, that when Jews around the world all unite through learning the very same Halochos (laws) in Torah, it creates an unparalleled degree of unity amongst us.

The only problem is, that the 2 cycles (3-chapters-per-day & 1-chapter-per-day) are still learning different parts of Rambam most of the time….

Thus, on a day when all 3 study-cycles align to learn the very same chapter and theme in Rambam, this represents a Jewish Unity through Torah that is not apparent any other day of the year!

Now, that you’ve read this far, and have come to appreciate the deeper purpose of the campaign, and how significant it is this Friday, perhaps it can also affect our intention (and motivation) in learning Rambam the rest of the year:
This is not merely about my individual goal (of fulfilling the Rebbe’s directive to me, or desire that I study the whole Torah,) but part of a Unity Project, uniting World Jewry through Torah.

This is something collective for Klal Yisroel, and a critical component of manifesting the Geulah (the ultimate Unity of Torah and Yidden) - of which I am playing a critical part.

Take your Rambam learning to the next level, with Chayenu!

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