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Newsletter #129 for July 10, 2014

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Become More Flood Resilient with New Free Tool from EPA

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a new tool today to help communities prepare for, deal with and recover from floods. The Flood Resilience Checklist offers strategies that communities can consider, such as conserving land in flood-prone areas; directing new development to safer areas; and using green infrastructure approaches, such as installing rain gardens, to manage stormwater. | More information.

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Energy Assessments & Audits: The First Step to Saving Money
Sponsored by NRWA

EPA, working with small and medium sized utilities across the country, has used or developed a number of tools to help systems assess their energy consumption and undertake energy audits. EPA experts will summarize these tools for webinar participants, describe how they work, and identify the kinds of benefits systems can expect to see as they use them. | More Information

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Save the Date for EPA's Small Systems Workshop

State staff, TA providers, and consultants who serve small systems should mark their calendars for the 11th annual workshop covering treatment technologies and related issues. (Utility managers and operators are equally welcomed!) This unique conference, taking place in Cincinnati September 9-11, 2014, helps to connect water professionals with some of the top technical experts. | More details.


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Homeowners can learn about caring for their septic system with resources from EPA's SepticSmart program: http://ow.ly/z1cH4

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Reading Selections

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Customer Stabs Missouri Water Department Worker - A southeast Missouri man angered that his water had been shut off repeatedly stabbed a city water department bookkeeper in her office.

How to Stop the Water Sector 'Brain Drain' - Looming Baby Boomer retirements present unique career opportunities for the next generation of workers.

Californians Could Be Fined for Violating Drought Restrictions - California is considering a measure that could lead to $500-a-day fines for residents who waste water as the state faces a devastating and extended drought.

Microbeads, Polluting Waterways, Banned by Industry - Industry and environmental groups appear to agree on something. Top companies have reached a deal to ban microbeads, and it was formalized by the Illinois state legislature this spring.

And from our own archives...

Why Are Source Water Protection Plans Important - Strategies for the management of common water use and water pollution problems.

Quick Things You Can Do to Protect Your Water Sources - Simple, effective ways to get involved in source water protection in your community for operators and water/wastewater customers.

Common Source Water Deficiencies - Find out what source water protection deficiencies are most common in water system sanitary surveys.

Why Some Water Supply Wells are More Vulnerable - USGS study helps communities understand why some wells get contaminated and others do not.

Livestock and Protection of Drinking Water Sources - Are there animals in your source water protection zone? We've found resources to help educate your community.

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