November's Sewing Inspiration!

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Idalmis Adams used our Cherry Swirl bundle, which includes this flattering bodice and the amazing Peppermint Swirl Skirt for Ladies. She pieced together the bodice. Stunning!


Talking about magic! Kadriye Payne sewed up a little witch dress using the Peppermint Swirl Dress! She just winged the hat - super creative! Isn't this the cutest witch ever?


Happy Birthday!

Eleanor Cullen emailed us this gorgeous picture. She wrote: "I made this dress for my granddaughter's 4th birthday. She was having a rainbow party. She was very excited. I decided to use grosgrain ribbon for the sash for an extra touch."
Pattern: Peppermint Swirl Dress.


Purple Swirl!

Sarah Morris wrote us: "I love how this one pattern can produce so many different looks! With 14 flounces, it is super customizable! Sometimes I have custom orders for 7 different prints all swirled into one, mixing prints and solids, or keeping them all solid colors. The possibilities with this dress are fantastic.
The directions are rather simple for such an elegant outcome. This is probably why I enjoy doing them so much.
I think my purple and sparkle combo is my favorite. But I'm partial to purple!"
Pattern: Peppermint Swirl Dress.


Lollipop Pi Circle Skirt Add-On

Denell Skaar emailed us with this truly adorable Minnie Dress. This is the Bubblegum Lollipop Pi Circle Skirt Add-On!
She wrote:
" I am just so happy that your pattern made her desire a reality. By the way, this is the 2T (which matches her measurements, and it fits her 4 y.o. sister (a bit shorter, of course) and her 6 y.o. Sister as a tunic! She will be able to wear this for some time."
And she is right - because of the way the Bubblegum Dress was designed, it can be worn for a long time, since the bodice is a true wrap and adjusts itself to the wearer!


Marshmallow Swirl!

I think Dawn deserves the Grandmother of the Year Award!
Look at the dresses she made for her lucky granddaughters!
These are all Marshmallow Swirls.


Rainbow Swirl!

And these amazing rainbow Peppermint Swirl Dresses were made by Dawn too! Those girls will remember those dresses forever.


Look at this stunning unicorn costume Rebecca Rose made! She wrote:
"I used the Peppermint Swirl dress and the long sleeves from the Princess Dress to make this unicorn costume. It’s based on a mass market costume my daughter liked. After Halloween I’ll attach the sash, the tail and tulle aren’t permanently attached so she’ll be able to wear the dress afterwards."

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Rainbow Dash Costume!

Mandy Swiger made an amazing Rainbow Dash My Little Pony costume using the Peppermint Swirl Dress - she even made a pair of detachable wings. This is a costume to remember forever.


I bet this candy corn Triple Layered Cake tunic just melts your heart! Amanda Whetstine made it years ago for her oldest daughter, but now, her youngest fits it! See below!


How sweet is this Triple Layered Cake Tunic!

This very stunning Princess Dress modeled by little Eden was made by Mandy Swiger. She has the most amazing talent for picking fabrics!


Bec Touzel is a real magician where it comes to Peppermint Swirl Dresses. She's made so many breath taking ones throughout the years that you may have seen featured on our page! This one is once again a real stunner. The beauty of a Peppermint Swirl Dress is that you can never really go wrong; it will look amazing, no matter what. There is no 'too much' where it comes to Peppermint Swirl Dresses!

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Cappuccino Cardigan

In case you missed it: the Cappuccino Cardigan for ladies was released last week! You don't want to miss this great pattern!


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I hope you got tons of sewing inspiration; let's get creative!

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