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Dear Island Crystal & Bead Patrons:

So many of our Patrons often come from the Orlando area and say that their Cocoa Beach Beach Day is always started at the Island Crystal and Bead. Please share with us when you arrive that it's a Beach and Island Crystal & BEACH Day.

Mystery Boxes are back in stock. They have about 20% more values in the box than the actual cost. They are so much fun according to so many patrons that they purchased several of them over time. The prices are around $30 or more.

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Mystery Boxes

Golden Healer in Stock
**Golden healer benefits include the ability to align chakras and magnify the flow of energy through the body. According to many people, this stone helps to activate energy centers and improve your ability to manifest what you're seeking. It also helps bring forward your highest self.

New arrival of Oracle Cards. There are too many to list. Worth the Trip!

Last Week's Features:

We just restocked the New Poplar Crystal Terahertz

Pentacle Hanging Shelves for your Crystal collection.

Cats Claw Curiosities Candles and wax melts. You must smell these! They are amazing!

Gemstone Sterling Rings came in!

Grid Mats and Wooden Grids of the Vegvisir

New Malachite in many shapes!

Polychrome Jasper

New Tapestries have arrived!

New Arrivals at Archangel Incense

Sterling Silver pendants

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Malachite in many forms!


Events are listed below:

Readings with Mystical Meagen
Friday, August 25th 10AM to 4PM

Hi everyone! I am Mystical Meagen, here is a little bit about myself:
I am a 32 year old Reiki Master Teacher, also certified in Tarot. I have my Minister's license and consider myself an Omnist. I am very attuned to animals and nature! I also love cats. I will be offering tarot reading services on Fridays from 10am to 4pm at Island Crystal and Bead in Merritt Island in addition to my own personal hours starting on March 3rd 2023. Some people would use these words to describe me:
Spiritual Advisor, Life Coach, Knowledgeable in the chakras., Healer
I am not a doctor, this is not a medical service. I encourage all to seek medical attention for your medical needs. I do not offer any medical services. $25 for 20 mins

Readings with Karen Loffler
Saturday, August 26th 10AM - 4PM

Come and have a reading with Karen from 10AM - 4PM. Please call to reserve your spot 321-453-2665.

The Frequency Connection
(Design your own Bracelet with Lesley Brindley)

Saturday, August 26th 10AM - 3PM

Island Crystal and Beads is proud to host Lesley Brindley from The Frequency Connection who features design your own beaded bracelets made from a vast assortment of precious and semi precious beads said to increase wellness . Amongst the many beads is Shungite, a rare stone from Russia said to have properties which help protect the body from the harmful effects of EMFs (electromagnetic fields that are emitted from technology), hematite, which is said to help with grounding and terahertz, a stone from Japan also said to have special properties which promote wellness.

You may also choose from a wide assortment of ready made bracelets if you do not wish to design your own. Bracelets are made on site so you can wear it home that day.

Also featured are bracelets for children for only $12! According to an EMF expert, children can absorb 10x the radiation as adults so wearing Shungite is a real plus! Children also really enjoy having the ability to create their own one of a kind design, uniquely theirs! It is first come first served so come in early and enjoy browsing in the store as well!

Flower Crown Making Class
Saturday, August 26th Noon - 2 PM

Join us in making a forever flower crown in a step by step class taught by Ms. Jade at Island Crystal and Beads.

The crown is traditionally a horseshoe or circular shape which is a symbol of power, glory, and eternity. Crowns made of flowers and foliage represent love, fertility, and celebration throughout history and around the world. What a better way to celebrate woman's equality day to honor the goddess within!

$25 per person Pre payment required to hold your space. Call 321-453-2665

Readings with Astrid
Sunday, August 27th 10 AM - 3 PM

My bio entails that I am a creole psychic medium from Louisiana. I have 5 star references you can check on online on Yelp or Facebook under Intuitive Roots by Astrid LaRoux. I can provide references from current clients.

I have had a natural ability from a childhood that has been handed down from my mother, and now my daughter has these same abilities. I have been solitary for awhile reading for people in the states which I enjoy, but it may be nice to get back in our local community I which I still have regulars. I tend to stay in my comfort zone with folks, but I am currently feeling drawn to expand my purpose. This gift has been in my family for years if not centuries. Feel free to check out my reviews. I have been invited back to a second time to Cassadega. I am comfortable in graveyards lol, I do house clearings and blessings. I have all Clairs. Thanks again!

Kids Day!
Sunday, August 27th Noon - 2 PM

Summer camp was way too much fun @ Island Crystal and Beads, so we've decided to continue our kid events!

Join us for Kids Day Sunday for crafting fun and learning how to express our emotions through art, music, and dance with Ms. Jade.

Ages 5-12 years old, $45 per child. All materials and snacks included. Call to reserve your spot. 321-453-2665

Reiki Circle
August 27th 3:30 PM-4:30 PM

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing, a type of alternative medicine. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a "universal energy" is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.
Love Donations accepted.

Wire Wrapping Class
Saturday, September 2nd Noon to 2PM

Come and create some beautiful wire wrap jewelry for you and your friends with Christian in a guided tutorial at Island Crystal and Beads.

Spots are still available. Call now to sign up and reserve your seat(s). Wire Wrapping Workshop with

Cost: $25 per person Call to reserve your spot: 321-453-2665

Come in and Experience the Positive Energy at Island Crystal & Bead,



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