PHOTOVILLE THANKS YOU ALL FOR MAKING OUR VILLAGE EPIC! After seven days of thought-provoking photography by over 400 artists hailing from 43 countrie

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After seven days of thought-provoking photography by over 400 artists hailing from 43 countries, 61 exhibitions & installations, 43 talks & workshops - we've shared meals in our beer garden, watched splendid fireworks light up our East River skyline view, crossed paths with a spaceman and a pup named Gilbert wandering around our photo village.

OVER 70,000 people visited Photoville and experienced a unique way we tell our stories through images - quite a humbling and magnificent feat!

We're so pleased you've stepped through the Photoville gates and joined our growing photo-loving community. Each of you brought our photo village to life -- sharing your stories, connecting with old friends and making new ones, inspiring one another while getting inspired for future collaborations.

We really couldn't do it without our Partners, Artists, Friends and Supporters including Photo District News, Two Trees Management, One Brooklyn Bridge Park, Children's Charity Organization Smile Train, the Consulate General of the Netherlands, The Financial Times Narratively, Smorgasburg, Duggal Visual Solutions, Getty Images, Canon, Photoshelter and the DUMBO Business Improvement District

And of course we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to our hosts and partners in crime at Brooklyn Bridge Park for giving us the space, the support, and the freedom to make our dream of Photoville a reality!

A BIG Thank you to all of our Volunteers who were so brilliant and crucial to the running of such a large event!

Once a Photoville citizen, always a Photoville citizen. You're one of us now - so join us for a brief walk through Photoville in pictures. We'll be in touch in the coming weeks with more cool re-caps!

Onward to Photoville 2015 (and many photo adventures along the way),
The Photoville Team
Sam, Dave, Laura, Todd, Jasmin, Alexis, Krystal, Nate, Jake, Laura B, Ben, Eli, Anna, Sydney, Lisa, Annabelle, Will, Greg, Milton, Matt, Ailis, Mel, Zoe, Nora, Tracie, Mark (Gilbert Dos), Ginny, Olivia, Skyler, Sara, and little Gilbert. Because let's face it - Photoville is nothing without our canine Mayor.

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Our Team Yearbook Tin Type Photo taken by the one and only Geoffrey Berliner of the Penumbra Foundation!

Two weeks ago, 63 empty shipping containers were dropped off at Photoville. They were stacked, painted and scrubbed, hung with lights and filled with photographs. Our partners and artist brought their creativity transforming them completely - so that each container took on a new life. In your stroll through Photoville, we hope you enjoyed your therapy session with Saul Robbins, waxing nostalgic in Feature Shoot's wallpaper living room, 30 years of reporting for Time Magazine from the toughest places on earth by James Nachtwey and watching powerful multimedia pieces in MediaStorm's theater.

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Chris Bartlett's Iraqi Detainees: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Ordeals
©Anna Pack

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Reportage by Getty Images
©Anna Pack


The Beauty of the Photo Book Featuring Sandra van der Doelen & Teun van der Heijden
© Bethany Michaela Jones

Natsuko Matsumura 4

Saul Robbins' How Can I Help? – An Artful Dialogue
© Natsuko Matsumura

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Lindsay Morris' You Are You
© Bethany Michaela Jones

We have had a full photo education these past two weeks! From tips and tricks of the trade courtesy of our friends at Photoshelter, to hearing artists tell the stories behind their work - we hope you've learned lots and taken away some great ideas from our Talks and Workshops!

A big shout out to all of our Artists and Curators who shared their stories and experiences and THANK YOU to One Brooklyn Bridge Park for letting us play in their magnificent Storefront for the 2 weeks!

Angela Jimenez

The Everyday Project's Panel Discussion: The Everyday Movement and the Uphill Battle Against Media Stereotypes
© Angela Jimenez

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©Krystal Grow

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©Krystal Grow

Natsuko Matsumura 6

The one and only Eugene Richards discussing his work
© Natsuko Matsumura


200 Middle School students from all over New York City visited Photoville to participate in a pinhole photography workshop and tour exhibitions with artists! Proudly supported by Children's Charity Smile Train and facilitated by an amazing group of photographers, this was a day that none of us will forget!

photo 1
photo 1

No visit would be complete without the Photo in front of @Dalek's Mural!


We raised a glass with friends new and old, as Narratively showcased extraordinary stories with ordinary people! We also had a great evening with the Slideluck folks and we hope you all continue to share your stories with us!


No Village is complete without the local watering hole and we want to thank the amazing folks at Smorgasburg for keeping the Brooklyn Brewery Beer icy cold and for our fabulous food vendors for feeding the masses - I think we can all agree - this was the best spot in the city!

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© Bethany Michaela Jones

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©Anna Pack

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©Anna Pack


Natsuko Matsumura 3

© Natsuko Matsumura

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© Bethany Michaela Jones

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Gilbert & Luceo's Space Man says: Stay tuned for Next Week's e-blast for highlights from each exhibition and our favorite Instagram Pics!

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