Hello Colorado League Crew, The Pit Zone registration system is open for the 2017 fall season. We are gearing up for year 8 which is going to be anot


Hello Colorado League Crew,

The Pit Zone registration system is open for the 2017 fall season. We are gearing up for year 8 which is going to be another great season of developing strong minds, bodies, and characters from the saddle of a mountain bike.

Login link and instructions are HERE.

The Team Director is the primary point of contact for the team. Once team registration fees are paid, the Team Director can invite coaches and riders to their team roster.

New Teams:
Please email Kate Rau to have your team set up with a Team Director. Indicate your best estimate as to your team Division size:

D1 Team > 16 riders
D2 Team < 16 riders

Existing Teams:
Please communicate any changes in Team Director or Division size to Kate Rau. Be sure to invite new coaches and deactivate coaches and riders who you know are not returning for the 2017 season.

Returning Rider Team Affiliation Changes
Returning riders whose team affiliation is changing, as a result of moving schools, must login to the Pit Zone and update their registration documents before their team affiliation can be changed. Once registration is completed email Kate Rau to change your team affiliation.

The minimum requirements to work with NICA student-athletes are as follows:

1) Pit Zone Registration*

2) Background Check* - If you have NOT completed a Background check you will be required to initiate one. If you have completed a background check you will click on the link that reviews the policy requirements.

3) Annual Agreement to Participate and Waiver* - annual

4) Concussion Training

5) Applicable NICA Risk Management Trainings and Exams

*Integrated into the Pit Zone

Official NICA printable licenses are now available in the Pit Zone. When a coach and/or student-athlete completes their season registration and pays their annual Membership fee, they can print an official NICA license.This may be required to activate Colorado League and NICA member discounts.

All coach licensing requirements can be uploaded online through the Pit Zone.

Remember, although the Pit Zone is now open for coaches and riders to begin registration for the 2017 season. The season official start date is August 1st.

Pre-season activities must be pre-approved and follow these guidelines:

Fall Season Training Limit and Pre-Season Approval Form

Many resources are available HERE.

As always feel free to email Kate Rau with any questions.

Thanks a ton for supporting all the FUN!

Kate Rau
Executive Director



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