Welcome!I am delighted you're here! Currently there are five wonderful women in our group! I'm hoping to add more playmates before we begin, so ther

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I am delighted you're here!

Currently there are five wonderful women in our group! I'm hoping to add more playmates before we begin, so there is still time to invite a friend or family member!

I hope this email covers most of the basics. Please mark your calendars with the dates, and take some time to go over the rules of each level of the game, and guidelines for playing.

I have chosen our meeting time as 11:30am PST.

No one time can work for everybody, but I'm hoping that this works for at least a few of you, or our Zooms will be reduced to just me. If that turns out to be the case, no worries! I will still bring you constant support encouragement, loving reminders, and game-winning strategies. You can still ask questions via email and I'll answer them on the zoom meeting for the whole group!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need support, have questions, or want to share your success!

Throughout the program, you may contact me here:
Text - 707-515-8324

If you cannot make a meeting, feel free to reach out with questions beforehand, or after you have watched the recording. You can choose to do the zoom meeting with your video on, or off. Please mute your microphone when others are talking. If you find that you need to eat during a meeting, please feel free to do so, simply leave your video off. It's possible you may be eating something that somebody else is releasing.

Please watch recordings within 24 hours.


Pick a time of day that works for you and put it in the schedule.

Daily contact with the information keeps it fresh in our mind, which makes it easier to remember our intentions, as opposed to falling asleep to them as is normal for humans.

Life happens! Don't beat yourself up if you don't get to a recording one day, just don't let it throw you off your game.


Come Prepared to Play


When you come to the zoom meeting live, or the recording afterward, make sure you're somewhere comfortable where you won't get distracted.

Have a pen handy, and somewhere to take notes.

(I’d love for you to dedicate a notebook to this 28 days, to have somewhere to journal about anything that comes up around how you're feeling about the food you're eating, any symptoms you're releasing, questions you want to ask, and anything else that comes up. Some people like to keep this kind of journal in an app on their phone, however our phones have a lot of distractions on them that pop up and take our attention away from our intentions.)

Set your phone on silent.
You made the time to be here, so be HERE.

Grab your favorite beverage so you can stay hydrated.
(No Starbucks logos please, even if it’s just black coffee.)

Then sit back, relax, and enjoy this time you’ve taken for your own health and wellbeing!

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In the first week of planning and preparation, we will have two Zoom meetings. Then during the three weeks of relief, we will meet daily for 30 to 60 minutes depending on how much we have to cover, and how many beautiful sisters show up with questions.


R&R Playgroup Schedule

All Meetings @ 11:30am PST

Thursday February 9th for 60 minutes.

HERE is the Recording from February 9.
Passcode: 6%KE8UEW

Monday February 13th for 60 minutes

There will be a lot of questions about what we discussed on the 9th, and about the upcoming release on the 16th. I'll bring more game-winning strategies to keep us headed in the direction we want to be going, answer all your questions, relieve any fear or anxiety you may feel, and provide a list of resources.

Thursday February 16th, through Wednesday March 8th for 30 to 60 minutes

This is the juicy bit, and I'm so excited to be sharing this adventure with you! We're going to find relief, for sure, but we'll also find so much more! We'll learn how to stop giving our power away when it comes to food and body image. We'll learn strategies to deal with whatever obstacles may come up. We'll learn how to shift our thinking so we don't feel like we're missing out. And we’ll learn what to do if we eat off our game plan - whichever level of the game you choose as right for your own personal experiment. We will share our struggles and success, cheer each other on, choose our own rules, and every one of us will win!

Extra Support Available


Whatever comes up for you can be brought to the group, and if you decide that you want some one-on-one coaching, I will offer group members the special rate of just $50 per session during our 28 days together!


Rules for each Level of the Game

body love

Level 1 - Release self-attack, & recreational sugar.

• No beating yourself up. Build awareness of when it’s happening, and use curiosity instead.

• No recreational sugar. (Candy, baked goods, ice cream, desserts.)

• No added sugar. (No sugar, or sweeteners in first 4 ingredients - read labels.)

• No artificial sweeteners.

• No fruit juice, soda, diet sodas, sugary coffee drinks.

• No alcohol. (It metabolizes like pure sugar.)

• Limit coffee to one or two cups AFTER food because caffeine spikes blood sugar.

• Limit dried fruits to one serving per day. (2 dates, 3 slices dried mango, 1/4 cup raisins - nothing with added sugars.)

• Limit honey & maple syrup to one tablespoon per day

• Please - eat unlimited fruits!

• Whole foods with natural sugars allowed. (coconut water, sweet potatoes)


Level 2 - Release self-attack, recreational sugar, & foods we suspect cause trouble.

• Follow all guidelines for Level 1.

• Avoid your own suspect foods.
We'll talk about identifying these
on February 9!

no wheat

Level 3 - Release self-attack, recreational sugar, suspect foods, & either dairy or wheat.

• Follow all guidelines for Level 1.

• Avoid your own suspect foods.

• Avoid either dairy OR wheat.

no dairy

Level 4 - Release self-attack, sugar, suspect foods, dairy, AND wheat.

• Follow all guidelines for Level 1.

• Avoid your own suspect foods.

• Avoid dairy AND wheat.

square empowered Hawaii

Level YOU do YOU: Release self-attack, recreational sugar, & whatever combination serves your needs!

• Follow all guidelines for Level 1.

• Avoid foods you intend to avoid.


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Delighted to have you with us!



Please reach out!

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