July 11, 2020 Dear community, You are receiving this email since I see you as a part of my community—myself as a part of yours—and/or believe you wa


July 11, 2020

Dear community,

You are receiving this email since I see you as a part of my community—myself as a part of yours—and/or believe you want to hear from me, or about events, divination offerings, rituals. I will send out one or two mailings per month. If you prefer not to receive them, just click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.

URBAN x INDIGENOUS: Spirits of the Streets


I will be performing at URBAN x INDIGENOUS: Spirits of the Streets, a two-day community arts event that involves and encourages an inter-generational, multidisciplinary artistic approach to acknowledging the indigenous spirit in the urban jungle of our present day, summoning forth collective action through arts as activism.

Amidst an amazing lineup of artists, organizers, scholars, and community leaders, I will participate on Day Two during the performance activations. It would be wonderful to see some of you there!

I felt a synergy with the UxI community and reached out to them, and am particularly looking forward to this event where my “indigenous self” can remain rooted in an aesthetic/creative practice that is spirit-led, enchanted, connective, and relational—in a politics of resistance, memory, belonging, and place—in community imagined and imagining outside the limitations of colonial logicmind.

When: June 6-7, 2015
Where: SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco
Tickets available here

Students x educators discount code: “RESILIENCE”

Nature, authenticity, authority

Unsplash  Keith Misner

Photo: Keith Misner

The completion of my two and a half year IAST training with Malidoma Somé marks the end of a chapter in my life. What a gift this medicine continues to be, and bring forth! Without doubt, I am going deeper down the rabbit hole (having chosen to surrender). The last session was a tremendous recalling to and of “nature”, “authenticity”, and “authority”—here is a post where I write about this/healing.


Black women colorful

Mum is visiting me, and repair of the Motherline has been in focus these last few days.

A few months ago, a sister friend told me about her practice of “adopting” mothers—strong, vibrant, older women who nurture her, and also, I imagine, remind her to live her own story, concentered in her own magnificence. Mothers whom she in turn takes care of as they grow older.

The cycle of intergenerational reciprocity in action!

At her account I felt stir a yearning to be held in a web of many mothers, and it was not for a while that I realized I already am within a web of wombs.

Amongst my mothers is Earth. Amongst my mothers is Night.

My human birth mother is an astounding woman, who has passed on to me her own wilfulness and resolve to not let injustice and oppression—particularly of the patriarchal kind—go unchallenged. I know her love wants me to unfurl my wings, my beauty.

And yet the skies we see are different.

Continue reading here.


I am available for Dagara-style cowrie shell divinations during the afternoon on Jun 12, 18, 19 (Skype possible), and kontomble voice divinations during the evening on Jun 15 & 16. I offer 1-2 divinations per month on a sliding scale for in-need individuals of color. Write to me to receive more details or to schedule a divination, and do share this information with those in your networks who might be interested.

The community voice divinations Lillie Falco-Adkins and I offer were on hold in May but will resume on Jun 19. Limited spaces, email us to hold your spot!

On that note, Website …and a request

I am aiming to launch my divination/sacred offerings website on Jun 15. Will you hold me through this birthing? I need to push forward through the barricades and get my work and offerings out into the world, knowing that they matter.

Giving thanks

Gratitude to all the medicine women who hold me accountable (to magic), and keep me sane and laughing!

Gratitude also to elders who are holding us, whether we know it or see it.

Love to each of you & may you thrive,

मोनिका \Monica


I love hearing from you! Write to me <3

Banner image credit: Goma and Phula Pargi, Rajasthan

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