Hello , Greetings from Yiwu. Last week I was telling about dumplings in ancient China, on a trip to my wifes' hometown. You can read about it here.

Ancient Wisdom

Hello ,

Greetings from Yiwu.

Last week I was telling about dumplings in ancient China, on a trip to my wifes' hometown. You can read about it here.

We got back to Yiwu on Monday to discover it was a bank holiday, these days I don't know what day it is nor does my wife and she is Chinese.
The tomb sweeping day when China folk go and pay respect to their ancient ancestors. Banks are closed, but the city and the huge market still seemed to be working except most of the bosses had gone to the countryside to visit tombs, fly kites and burn fake money. It's a big family outing, both sad and happy.

Apart from working long hours, and trying to complete too many projects all at once... I can't tell you :(
I have been working late nights to the wee hours on the plans for Euro warehouse.
So feeling a bit jaded and overworked.. don't feel sorry for me I'm loving it!

But my wife thought I shouldn't look so tired so I was taken (kicking and screaming) to the local hospital, for a full body check.
I don't really like hospitals - all starched aprons, bleach smell, corridors with painted lines and flapping curtains. Really if there is something wrong with me I don't want to know.

Big city China is a refreshing new world. Nice landscaped feng-shui gardens, free parking and helpful young trainees eager to help anyone unsure what to do. And even signs in English as well as Mandarin. At a desk marked "Healthy Plans", we were shown a list of options, we went for the full monty, check everything possible VIP special... about £120.

Did they put me in a waiting room, with moth-eaten (and probably plague carrying) copies of Country Life for the company? Nope. A young lady immediately took me to the first door, where my blood was taken, then the next room where I was given a high-tech bag to breathe into for five minutes (until a little panel turned orange) .. there was a circuit of rooms, minimal waiting, each job taking ten minutes, and all the information uploaded to my record on the central computer. I must admit; by the time I'd been prodded, mildly electrocuted, x-rayed, photographed up every... you know what - I was feeling quite grumpy. But the whole job was done in an hour and a half in a brisk but friendly way.

One week later you get a nicely bound report stuffed with technical data and a list of all the failing parts. Plus of course, this been a money making business - all the services they can sell you.
So for a week, I lay awake worrying about my heart, liver, lungs.. clearly, they are going to want to take me apart.
The report came the other day... it's all in Chinese I can hardly read a word.. so I asked apprehensively, tell me the worst. Oh, she says.. nothing wrong with you. erm, you might be drinking a bit too much.

I haven't touched a drop since :)


Meanwhile back in AW HQ in Sheffield. A new department has been born...
It's been a long time coming, some parts we have always had others are by design. It's the heart of the home, it's found on TV every channel, it can be Hell or Heavenly.

A KITCHEN DEPT is launched!

I'm in Yiwu looking for new things to add, should be gift orientated and found in the Kitchen. Do you have any ideas?. do you have kitchen giftware section? or Shop?
I'd love to get your ideas for future products.

Soon be Easter :)

Take care


Each Wholesale Salt Lamp comes complete with light fitting, bulb & plug. Rather than sell them by size we sell them by approximate weight. Items are marked with sizes to give a rough idea of size only, each lamp is completely unique.
Click here if you are looking for Himalayan Salt Lamps with EU Cables


New Marble Pestle & Mortars just arrived. Not only do they all add style to homes but they are also very useful for grinding, crushing and mixing herbs and spices. An absolute essential for any home.We also have an excellent variety, they are available 3 different colours (white, grey, black) and in 3 different sizes so there is plenty to choose from.


These Kraft Window Bags are suitable for products both wet and dry which demand high barrier property packaging. Kraft Window bags give that natural feel, and with a bit of imagination and entrepreneurial flare you can create a product unique to your shops, enabling (dare we say), krafty profit margins.


These beautiful hand-crafted wholesale salad servers are made from Sonokeling and Mahogany wood. Choose from two amazing colours and three designs.
The Racquet and Long Handle Salad Server sets are perfect for scooping and mixing a substantial amount of salad or pasta. Each wooden salad server can also be a very useful when cooking.


Wholesale Wooden Coffee Signs, ideal to place anywhere in your business or home. There are eight different styles featured with funny and meaningful messages. Each piece is hand painted and made of Albesia wood. If your customer love coffee they certainly will love these retro looking signs.


Small Bath Bomb Gift Boxes are ideal for Aromatherapy 120g Bath Potions Bombs and Essential Oils Bath Bombs. They will help you to turn three bath bombs into a perfect gift. Sell 3 bombs for £5 and give a free box to generate sales. Or pre-fill boxes and stack ‘em high for real impact.


Sets of 4 Stone Coasters

Check out our brand new Set of 4 Stone coasters that have just come in. Handmade in Java, Indonesia these durable Sandstone coasters come packaged with a beautiful string and tag ready for you to sell straight away.


Pure Essential Oils Reed Diffusers - 200ml

Beautiful classic wholesale reed diffuser made with essential oils (in a special eco-mineral oil base) to enchant and delight your customers. Slowly and delicately the aroma will rise along the sticks and fill any room with a truly aromatic fragrance.


Soy Pot of Fragrance Candle

These wholesale soybean candles are in reusable glass jars with a cork lid and a natural brown paper label attached with jute twine. The attractive display box contains 6 soybean jar candles ready to retail in your shop.


Dragon's Egg Bath Bombs - 250g

These wholesale Huge Dragon's Egg Shaped Bath Bombs look and smell great. Each bomb weighs in at a massive 250+ grams and contains Shea Butter to make it smoother on your skin.Perfect for upcoming Easter and great for a lovely bath too :) An ideal gift for those Game of Thrones lovers.

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