Happy Summer! Summer has arrived in this part of the world and it is gorgeous! I often think that there is no place more beautiful that central NY st

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Happy Summer!

Summer has arrived in this part of the world and it is gorgeous! I often think that there is no place more beautiful that central NY state in the summer. Perfect temps in the 70's, lush green landscapes, outdoor dining, windows open to let in the summer breezes...it doesn't get much better!

Summer, for me, also brings times of learning and sharing. Each year I spend a week at PPSNYS Imaging Workshop with 50 or 60 other photographers learning to stretch my abilities and having a lot of fun in the process. Also this year, both in July and October, I am leading advanced and beginner retreats for women photographers, Seeing with New Eyes. I am excited about both opportunities and the new skills and friendships to be gained.

I hope your summer brings times of rest as well as new experiences. Enjoy this special time of year.

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Preserving Memories of Home


Click through to see a gallery of home portraits. Heintz Home ©Gail S. Haile

"Home" means different things to different people. Our homes are those places where we create memories. They are the places that shelter and nurture us. As Oliver Wendall Holmes, Sr. so aptly expressed it, “Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”

Your special place may be your everyday home, or a vacation cottage, or a family home, or even a special tree, as one client has asked me to do. I will photograph the place and then create a custom digital painting for you that will be printed on canvas with optional framing.

For a step-by-step details of how I create home portraits check out these two blog posts: Makeover Story: Portrait of a Cozy Cottage and Portrait of the White House

Until July 31, I'm offering a 20% discount on home portraits. All you have to do it contact me by that date to discuss creating a custom portrait of your special place.

Cozy Cottage  GSHaile

Click through to the blog post for details on how this was created. Rose Cottage ©Gail S. Haile


In front of my lens lately...

Blue Indigo-6 GailSHaile

Blue Indigo-6 ©Gail Haile

Springtime-at-the-White-House Gail-Haile

Springtime-at-the-White-House ©Gail-Haile

Recent blog posts show what I've been seeing though my lens lately:

Open to Delight: recent moments of delight captured.

Blue Indigo and Bokeh: playing in the garden with my camera.

Inspired by Springtime: Mandalas: the colors of spring in mandalas.

Portrait of the White House: a trip to Washington and creating a home portrait of the first family's home.

Open to Delight: spring time delights

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May Delights-06 GailSHaile

Klimsenhorn Chapel, Mt. Pilatus, Switzerland ©Gail S. Haile

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