Volume 63, Number 1 / 2019 / Available Online

From the Editor
Jacobs, Karen

The effects of physical activity on sleep quality, job satisfaction, and quality of life in office workers
Arslan, Selen Serel | Alemdaroğlu, İpek | Karaduman, Aynur Ayşe | Yilmaz, Öznur Tunca

Demands for multidimensional information on the work environment: A methodological framework for regular studies
Rezagholi, Mahmoud

A nurse’s twenty-four-year journey with breast cancer-related lymphedema
Sun, Yuanlu | Armer, Jane M.

The difference of gait characteristic according to the variety of dual tasks in young healthy adults
Kwon, Yonghyun | Kwon, Jung Won | Cho, In Hee

Demands and resources associated with mental health among Norwegian professional musicians
Aalberg, A.L. | Saksvik-Lehouillier, I. | Vaag, J.R.

Health coaching for healthcare employees with chronic disease: A pilot study
Edman, Joel S. | Galantino, Mary Lou | Hutchinson, Jodi | Greeson, Jeffrey M.

Stress and burnout among professionals working in the emergency department in a French university hospital: Prevalence and associated factors
Durand, Anne-Claire | Bompard, Catherine | Sportiello, Julia | Michelet, Pierre | Gentile, Stéphanie

Determining the reliability and convergent validity of a return-to-work status questionnaire
Boyle, Eleanor | Cassidy, J. David | Côté, Pierre

Insurers’ perspective on barriers and facilitators for return to work after occupational injuries
Robichaud, Marie-Maxime | Truchon, Manon | St-Arnaud, Louise | Nastasia, Iuliana

Employees exposed to work-related threats and violence in human services sectors: Are any employees members particularly exposed to violence and threats and what role do supervisors play?
Andersen, Lars Peter Sønderbo | Hogh, Annie | Gadegaard, Charlotte | Biering, Karin

The impact of a workplace cardiovascular health screening programme ‘Farmers Have Hearts’ on health behaviour change among Irish farmers
van Doorn, Diana | Richardson, Noel | Osborne, Aoife | Blake, Catherine

Application of 3D scanning and 3D printing for designing and fabricating customized half-mask facepieces: A pilot study
Makowski, Krzysztof | Okrasa, Małgorzata

How to integrate ergonomics into product design through the user centered design approach
Reinert, Fabíola | Gontijo, Leila Amaral

Volume 63, Number 2 / 2019 / Available Online

From the Editor
Jacobs, Karen

Complementary and Integrative Medicine in Healthcare
Rice, Valerie

A pilot study investigating preferred background sounds during mindfulness meditation: What would you like to hear?
Liu, Baoxia | Rice, Valerie J.

The investigation of four technologies to assist in detecting mild to moderate traumatic brain injury of U.S. Military service members
Rice, Valerie | Boykin, Gary | Alfred, Petra | Lindsay, Gaylord | Overby, Cory | Jeter, Angela | Lester, Mark | Allison, Stephen | Cooper, Douglas

Yoga improves occupational performance, depression, and daily activities for people with chronic pain
Schmid, Arlene A. | Van Puymbroeck, Marieke | Fruhauf, Christine A. | Bair, Matthew J. | Portz, Jennifer Dickman

Mind-body interventions utilized by an occupational therapist in a medical intensive care unit: An exploratory case study
Provancha-Romeo, Alexa F. | Hoffman, Amanda L. | Malcolm, Matt P. | Coatsworth, J. Douglas | Laxton, Lyndsay R. | Freeman, Katherine M. | Schmid, Arlene A.

World Trade Center: A longitudinal case study for treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Emotional Freedom Technique and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
Nicosia, Gregory J. | Minewiser, Lorna | Freger, Amanda

Mindfulness meditation for workplace wellness: An evidence map
Hilton, Lara G. | Marshall, Nell J. | Motala, Aneesa | Taylor, Stephanie L. | Miake-Lye, Isomi M. | Baxi, Sangita | Shanman, Roberta M. | Solloway, Michele R. | Beroesand, Jessica M. | Hempel, Susanne

Assessment of ranges of rest postures of human lower limbs
Naddeo, A. | Cappetti, N. | Vallone, M.

Effects of workers’ Body Mass Index and task conditions on exertion psychophysics during Vertical Handling Tasks
Colim, Ana | Arezes, Pedro | Flores, Paulo | Braga, Ana Cristina

Effect of yoga on vigilance, self rated sleep and state anxiety in Border Security Force personnel in India
Telles, Shirley | Kala, Niranjan | Gupta, Ram Kumar | Verma, Sadhana | Vishwakarma, Babita | Agnihotri, Savita | Gandharva, Kumar | Balkrishna, Acharya

Gait asymmetry and rating of perceived exertion: How are they influenced by carrying a backpack and pulling a trolley?
Orantes-Gonzalez, E. | Heredia-Jimenez, J.

Physical therapists with work-related musculoskeletal disorders in the State of Kuwait: A comparison across countries and health care professions
Alnaser, Musaed Z. | Aljadi, Sameera H.

Spotlight on Japanese physicians: An exploration of their professional experiences elicited by means of narrative facilitators
Stiefel, F. | Stiefel, Fa. | Terui, T. | Machino, T. | Ishitani, K. | Bourquin, C.

Measuring perceived efficacy for coping with posttraumatic stress disorder in the workplace
Harris, J. Irene | Strom, Thad Q. | Erbes, Christopher R. | Ruzek, Josef

Examining the validity and reliability of a portable sleep posture assessment protocol, using infrared cameras, under a variety of light and bed cover situations in the home environment
Cary, Doug | Collinson, Roger | Sterling, Michele | Briffa, Kathryn

Bibliometric analysis of the body posture in relation to visual display terminals (VDTs)
García-Remeseiro, Tania | Gutiérrez-Sánchez, Águeda

The occupational therapy practitioner’s role in health promotion, injury prevention, and role participation for the older worker
Early, Amy | Walsh, Ryan | Douglas, Bruce


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