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Volume 73, Issue 3 / 2020 Online

Amyloid-β as a Blood Biomarker for Alzheimer’s Disease: A Review of Recent Literature
Wang, Xiaoni | Sun, Yu | Li, Taoran | Cai, Yanning | Han, Ying

Alzheimer’s Disease or Behavioral Variant Frontotemporal Dementia? Review of Key Points Toward an Accurate Clinical and Neuropsychological Diagnosis
Musa, Gada | Slachevsky, Andrea | Muñoz-Neira, Carlos | Méndez-Orellana, Carolina | Villagra, Roque | González-Billault, Christian | Ibáñez, Agustín | Hornberger, Michael | Lillo, Patricia

A Review of the Brain-Gut-Microbiome Axis and the Potential Role of Microbiota in Alzheimer’s Disease
Sun, Miao | Ma, Kai | Wen, Jie | Wang, Guangxian | Zhang, Changliang | Li, Qi | Bao, Xiaofeng | Wang, Hui

Potential for Digital Monitoring to Enhance Wellbeing at Home for People with Mild Dementia and Their Family CarersOpen Access
Fowler-Davis, Sally | Barnett, Deborah | Kelley, John | Curtis, David

Waist Circumference and Domain-Specific Cognitive Function Among Non-Demented Japanese Older Adults Stratified by Sex: Results from the Takashima Cognition Study
Waki, Takashi | Tanaka-Mizuno, Sachiko | Takashima, Naoyuki | Takechi, Hajime | Hayakawa, Takehito | Miura, Katsuyuki | Ueshima, Hirotsugu | Kita, Yoshikuni | Dodge, Hiroko H.

Influence of Comorbidity of Cerebrovascular Disease and Amyloid-β on Alzheimer’s Disease
Yassi, Nawaf | Hilal, Saima | Xia, Ying | Lim, Yen Ying | Watson, Rosie | Kuijf, Hugo | Fowler, Christopher | Yates, Paul | Maruff, Paul | Martins, Ralph | Ames, David | et al.

Zibotentan, an Endothelin A Receptor Antagonist, Prevents Amyloid-β-Induced Hypertension and Maintains Cerebral PerfusionOpen Access
Palmer, Jennifer C. | Tayler, Hannah M. | Dyer, Laurence | Kehoe, Patrick G. | Paton, Julian F.R. | Love, Seth

Factors Associated with Mortality Including Nursing Home Transitions: A Retrospective Analysis of 25,418 People Prescribed Anti-Dementia Drugs in Northern IrelandOpen Access
McMichael, Alan J. | Zafeiridi, Evi | Passmore, Peter | Cunningham, Emma L. | McGuinness, Bernadette

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Volume 73, Issue 2 / 2020 Online

The U-ARE Protocol: A Pragmatic Approach to Decisional Capacity Assessment for Clinical Research
Hamilton, Rachel K.B. | Phelan, Cynthia H. | Chin, Nathaniel A. | Wyman, Mary F. | Lambrou, Nickolas | Cobb, Nichelle | Kind, Amy J.H. | et al.

Inverse Relationship Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Cancer: How Immune Checkpoints Might Explain the Mechanisms Underlying Age-Related Diseases
Rogers, Nicole K. | Romero, Cesar | SanMartín, Carol D. | Ponce, Daniela P. | Salech, Felipe | López, Mercedes N. | Gleisner, Alejandra | Tempio, Fabián | Behrens, María I.

Could Lifetime Lead Exposure Play a Role in Limbic-predominant Age-related TDP-43 Encephalopathy (LATE)?
Fuller-Thomson, Esme | Deng, ZhiDi

Ovariectomy Influences Cognition and Markers of Alzheimer’s Disease
Agca, Cansu | Klakotskaia, Diana | Stopa, Edward G. | Schachtman, Todd R. | Agca, Yuksel

Spatially Distributed Amyloid-β Reduces Glucose Metabolism in Mild Cognitive ImpairmentOpen Access
Carbonell, Felix | Zijdenbos, Alex P. | Bedell, Barry J. | for the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

Why Is Amyloid-β PET Requested After Performing CSF Biomarkers?
Reimand, Juhan | Groot, Colin | Teunissen, Charlotte E. | Windhorst, Albert D. | Boellaard, Ronald | Barkhof, Frederik | Nazarenko, Sergei | van der Flier, Wiesje M. | et al.

Telomere Length and the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease: The Rotterdam StudyOpen Access
Fani, Lana | Hilal, Saima | Sedaghat, Sanaz | Broer, Linda | Licher, Silvan | Arp, Pascal P. | van Meurs, Joyce B.J. | Ikram, M. Kamran | Ikram, M. Arfan

NP03, a Microdose Lithium Formulation, Blunts Early Amyloid Post-Plaque Neuropathology in McGill-R-Thy1-APP Alzheimer-Like Transgenic Rats
Wilson, Edward N. | Do Carmo, Sonia | Welikovitch, Lindsay A. | Hall, Hélène | Aguilar, Lisi Flores | Foret, Morgan K. | Iulita, M. Florencia | Jia, Dan Tong | et al.

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ICYMI: Volume 72, Supplement 1 / 2019 Online

(ICYMI = In Case You Missed It)


Openly Available Until Feb 14 – Click Visual For Content!

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In the News

Recent press releases relating to JAD content

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Human Exposure to Aluminum Linked to Familial Alzheimer’s Disease

Researchers at Keele University, UK, found significant amounts of aluminum content in brain tissue from donors with familial AD. The study also found a high degree of co-location with the amyloid-β protein, which leads to early onset of the disease.

Read the full press release here

Full open access study: Aluminum and Amyloid-β in Familial Alzheimer’s Disease

JAD73-2 MCI-image

Mild Cognitive Impairment: Epidemiological Estimation of the Phenomenon Among Migrants in Europe

Researchers from Italy's Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) (National Institute of Health) provide an epidemiological estimate of the number of mild cgnitive impairment (MCI) cases occurring in the migrant population living in the extended European Union in 2018.

Read the full press release here

Full open access study: Mild Cognitive Impairment in the Migrant Population Living in Europe:

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Most Viewed JAD Articles in Jan 2020

Listing the popular papers via the IOS Press Content Library published recently (in Vols.72 & 73)

Aluminum and Amyloid-β in Familial Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access (Research Article in pre-press, 2020) (View Press Release)
Mold, Matthew | Linhart, Caroline | Gómez-Ramírez, Johana | Villegas-Lanau, Andrés | Exley, Christopher

Concentration-Dependent Activity of Hydromethylthionine on Cognitive Decline and Brain Atrophy in Mild to Moderate Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.72, Iss.3, 2019)
Schelter, Bjoern O. | Shiells, Helen | Baddeley, Thomas C. | Rubino, Christopher M. | Ganesan, Harish | Hammel, Jeffrey | Vuksanovic, Vesna | Staff, Roger T. | Murray, Alison D. | et al.

Molecular Mechanisms and Genetics of Oxidative Stress in Alzheimer’s DiseaseOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.72, Iss.4, 2019)
Cioffi, Federica | Adam, Rayan Hassan Ibrahim | Broersen, Kerensa

Can Healthy Diets, Regular Exercise, and Better Lifestyle Delay the Progression of Dementia in Elderly Individuals?Openly Available (Review Article in Vol.73, Iss.s1, 2019)
George, Elizabeth Kurudamannil | Reddy, P. Hemachandra

Current Status of Healthy Aging and Dementia ResearchOpenly Available (Symposium Summary in Vol.72, Iss.s1, 2019)
Reddy, P. Hemachandra | Swerdlow, Russell H. | Culberson, John | Kang, David | Mitchell, Tedd L. | Smith, Quentin | Suneja, Sanoj | Ory, Marcia G. | Kumar, Subodh | et al.

Age-Related Intraneuronal Aggregation of Amyloid-β in Endosomes, Mitochondria, Autophagosomes, and Lysosomes Open Access (Research Article in Vol.73, Iss.1, 2020)
Brewer, Gregory J. | Herrera, Robert A. | Philipp, Stephan | Sosna, Justyna | Reyes-Ruiz, Jorge Mauricio | Glabe, Charles G.

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