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▪ New Constitutional Changes for Community Service being Developed
▪ New IFC Rush Rules being proposed
▪ Panhell reviewing Social Media rules
▪ Going Active weekend social discussions
▪ Member education events hosted with one other org.
▪ Greek Week is November 6-10th!
New Constitutional Changes for Community Service being Developed
New IFC Rush Rules being proposed
Panhell reviewing Social Media rules
Going Active weekend social discussions
Member education events hosted with one other org.
Greek Week is November 6-10th!

\November 11, 2017: Redlands Family Services Fall Food Drive(FFD) Two Shifts 8-11 am and 11-2 pm to help sort, weight, check expiration and pack boxes.

Annual “Give Thanks, Give Back, Give A Day”!

We ask that you bring all of the following items or $60 to the Volunteer Center by Wednesday, November 17th.

We will package them up in baskets at our “Give-A-Day” event here on campus the afternoon of Saturday, November 18th with the help of any and all who would like to volunteer. All are welcome to join in packaging the items! During the short period of time between November 18th-22nd we will have assigned delivery dates and times. If your group would like to deliver it to their family, the baskets will be ready for pick up from the Volunteer Center on November 18th following our packaging event after 1pm. We will coordinate a date and time that all the families will be in their homes.

We do ask for a $5 donation with the food items to cover the basket/bin and packaging materials. We also ask that you include a card signed by your group so the families are able to connect with who donated their basket.

• $10 Gift Certificate to Stater Bros for the Turkey
• Disposable Roasting Pan
• Boxed Mashed Potatoes
• Boxed Stuffing
• Packaged Gravy
• Canned Cranberry Sauce
• Package of JELL-O
• Canned Yams
• Canned Corn
• Canned Green Beans
• Can of Cream of Mushroom Soup
• Fried Onions
• Dinner Rolls
• Marshmallows
• Easy Pumpkin Pie mix
• Condensed Milk
• Evaporated Milk
• Pie Crust
• Apple Cider Packets
• Card signed by your group
• $5 Cash for Basket Wrapping Materials

Make sure your organization is beginning the report for the Spring of 2017 and Fall of 2017. Due first of March 2018. Looking forward to great reports!

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Gabe Quezada

Gabe has worked hard all semester as IFC President to improve the Inter-Fraternity Council. When he is not killing it in class, he's competing with his bros on the Gamma Nu Intramural Volleyball Team. Gabe shared, "I chose to become a member of the Greek Community to be apart of something bigger than myself and to give back. I have found nothing but the my organization and feel obligated to make sure the next generation of Greeks can do the same."

Sara Sparks

Sara Sparks

When Sara isn't in class for Psychology or at Panhell as GAMMA Chair, she is enjoying her Sigma Sisters. Sara has worked hard for the last year at improving the Party Policy and Risk Management Practices of our organizations. Sara shared, "I chose to go Greek because my dad encouraged me. His brothers from his 4 years at Occidental are my extended family now, and I was looking for friendships that felt more like family. I found that in Sigma. Greek Life, to me, is a community of ambitious and caring individuals who work together to lift the community up. My favorite part of Greek Life is meeting new people. I am never on campus without seeing at least 3 people I know - it makes a small campus even smaller, in a good way. "

Breia Germany

Breia Germany

When Breia is not in class for her double major in Psychology and Biology, or serving her organization, students in Jasper's Corner, first year students in Orientation or working on TRAIN, she is working with Guide Dogs for the Blind or working with children with behavioral issues. Breia shared, "I chose to become a member of the Greek Community because I wanted to be apart of something bigger than myself. Community and being a positive role model in that community is important to me and I felt that if I wanted to get more involved and proactive on this campus Greek Life was a great place for me to thrive and achieve that goal. My favorite part of Greek Life is all of the Panhell/IFC events we put on to showcase how awesome the Greek Community is and how we all love to support and uplift one another." Breia also enjoys hiking, camping and slacklining

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