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Newsletter #15 for May/June 2014

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Resource Picks

In each issue we're selection two helpful resources as our "picks". Some of these might be new or they might just be new-to-you! You can search for more resources anytime in the document library.

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Building Water System Capacity: A Guide for Tribal Administrators

The EPA developed this guidebook to help tribal governments better understand their role in the technical, managerial, and financial health of the water system. The resource is short and easy to read, making it a helpful communication tool for the water system.

Click here to download.

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Climate Change 101: An overview of the climate system, observations & projections

The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals at Northern Arizona University hosted a webinar series last year. This slide deck provides helpful 101-level context for the climate change discussion.

Click here to download.


Tribal O&M Cost Methodology Coming Soon

One of the barriers to sustainability for tribal water systems is lack of financial capacity, including a clear understanding of routine operations and maintenance costs. The Tribal Infrastructure Task Force, an inter-agency federal workgroup, is preparing to release a methodology report based on a two-year pilot study of nine American Indian and Alaska Native Village (AI/ANV) utilities.

The report will outline how data could be collected on a national basis to improve "understanding of the operation and maintenance costs necessary to ensure critical infrastructure funding decisions are made." The intention is to implement these recommendations in a full scale assessment that will require widespread participation of tribal utilities.

Tribes can be proactive for potential later participation - but primarily for their own benefit - by getting organized now. EPA has a variety of resources to help water systems with financial management. One first step would be to complete the financial worksheet on pages 13-14 of this "getting started" guide.


Events for Tribal Water Systems

Safe Drinking Water Act 101: Basics and CCR (Free)

May 20-23, 2014 | Scottsdale, AZ
Hosted by the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc.
The SDWA 101 training course will explore the regulatory structures of the Safe Drinking Water Act as it pertains to Tribal water systems.

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Search for Events

To find an event or training opportunity in your area, you can search's event calendar. Search by Category = Tribal to find events open to tribal operators only. Need help? Start by watching our video on how to search the database.


Celebrating the Life of Billy Frank Jr.

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Photo by Ann Yow / The Seattle Times, 1983

Known as a "charismatic voice of Northwest tribes", Nisqually elder Billy Frank Jr. has died. According to the Seattle Times, Frank "fought in Olympia and Washington, D.C., to protect forests and salmon streams from excessive timber harvest and development. He battled in court, in endless public meetings and in private conversations with anyone who would listen. With his soft voice, strong handshake and endless stories, he disarmed senators and presidents." Click here to read more.


Recently at


Free Private Well Training Available

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Some tribal communities have individuals served both by the public water system and by private wells. The team behind has also developed a free online resource to educate private well owners about proper well care, water quality testing, and more.

The basis of is a free email class that shares bite-sized lessons one at a time over 10 weeks. More than 2800 private well owners, sanitarians and others who help well owners have signed up for the course.


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