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A full calendar of events can be found in the Compass App

12th May - Mothers Day Breakfast - 7.30am to 9am
16th May - Education Week
16th - 18th May - Book Fair
2nd June - Working Bee from 2.30pm
16th June - Pupil Free Day
19th June - Pupil Free Day
10th July - Pupil Free Day
6th November - Pupil Free Day

In this edition...

Education Week-

Education Week is next week, and we are all looking forward to welcoming our families on Tuesday 16th May 5-6pm into our classrooms to participate in activities related to the school’s 70th Anniversary and active theme. Many more special events have been organised, including dance challenges, active mornings, kinder visit and who can forget our Book Fair. Please check compass for regular updates on Education Week.
Cyber Safety
As Mrs Skiba sent out information to all families last week about Cybersafety concerns. If you missed it here it is:
“It has been brought to my attention by a parent in the 34 cohort that there are very serious cybersafety issues with the online Roblox game that many of our students play at home. If the settings are open for your child to chat to others they may be speaking to adults who are posing as children.
It has also been reported that children using the Roblox game have been using private gaming rooms with "Oders" which family members may not know about. This concerns me greatly as there has also been talk between students that their friends may be "online dating" with "Oders" unbeknownst to their parents and carers. I will be reporting this concern to the Department to follow up and to ensure that Roblox is blocked.
Another concern is the number of students accessing Messenger for Kids and messaging/ calling other students well into the evening and early hours of the morning. In our fortnightly wellbeing surverys many year's 3-6 students report being tired and not getting enough sleep. Please be mindful of the times that your child has access to devices at night and what they may be doing online long after you think they are asleep.
If you need assistance please contact the school. I will be speaking to all staff and students tomorrow regarding being safe online and reminding them that we have a very strict Code of Conduct regarding Digital Learning.
I ask for your support with this very alarming issue and to speak to your children about who they may be talking to online and how they are staying safe when playing seemingly innocent games on their devices.”
If you would like to look further into projecting your family online here are some useful links:

Education Week poster 2

MVPS Policies

This week we will be focusing on policies that support the work of Child Safe Standards and support our school on having the correct practices and procedures in place:
Digital Learning
Student Wellbeing and Engagement
Bullying Prevention

All policies are sourced from The Department of Education’s School Policy Templates Portal and Policy and Advisory Library. Adjustments are then made to the different policies to fit in with our school needs.

If you have any questions relating to either of these polices, please contact me. All our school policies can be found on our website.

Amy Tinetti
Assistant Principal

Specialist Programs Term 2

Health and Physical Education Term 2!
What an exciting Term 2 we have in Health and Physical Education.
The Senior School will building up their aerobic capacity during our cross country sessions. The Grade 5/6 ‘s will then be training for the Term 2 Lightning Premiership where they will compete in either Teeball, Soccer or Netball against other schools in our network.
The Grade 3/4 students will also be working towards to building their Soccer, a variety of Indigenous Games and Lacrosse skills that they learn in their class lessons and transfer these skills over to games during our cohort sessions.
The Grade 1/2 ’s will be working to consolidate and continue practising their tennis, hockey and soccer skills during their class lessons and then transferring these skills into modified games in our cohort sessions.
The Preps will be continuing to focus on practising a variety of different gross motor skills during both our class and cohort sport lessons where they will be engaged in the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP). They will also be learning their dribbling and passing skills in both hockey and soccer.
What you can do at home to support your child’s Health and Physical Education development:
• Continue to promote travelling actively to and from school.
• Engaging with the MVPS’s Tag On system.
• Seek out extracurricular sport activities that your child may be interested in.
• Attend either the running club on Wednesday mornings or Friday Sports games. Both starting on the oval at 8:15am.
Key Dates:
Grade 5/6 Cross Country Trial: May 5th
Grade 3/4 Cross Country Trial: May 10th
District Cross Country: May 22nd
Lightning Premiership Day (Grades 5-6): June 8th
Mr Brown

Performing Arts for Term 2!
Nants ingonyama bagithi baba!
Welcome to Performing Arts in Term 2.
This term sees us kicking off our whole school musical, ‘The Lion King Jr’.
Lead roles have been announced, savannah animals have been assigned, songs have been introduced and energy levels are high. Across Term 2 we will be learning to explore the structure of a musical and the people who put it together. We will be exploring the story line of ‘The Lion King Jr’ musical and unpacking character motives, character personalities and ways to express emotions on stage through speaking and through song.

‘The Lion King Jr’ is an adaptation of the much-loved Disney movie, so we will also be comparing and contrasting the differences between elements in the movie and how we then need to bring these characters to life on stage through music.

Speaking of music, each class has been assigned a song which we have begun rehearsing. Some of these songs are the classics we know and love such as ‘Hakuna Matata’ and ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’, but we are also introducing some incredibly beautiful new songs, specific to the musical. Many of these songs involve the Zulu language, and we have been using the call and repeat technique to master pronunciation and making sure we try our best to respect this beautiful African language.

Over the coming months we will be focusing on the following:

• Using the foundations of djembe drumming within our songs
• Identifying the parts of the stage and experimenting with movement
• Exploring character objectives and exploring different acting techniques
• Using our voice in a range of ways to engage our audience

I thank you already for your support, be it reading the script with your 5/6 lead or practising the best ‘ROAAAR’ with your preppie. All of this hard work from teachers and families will come together to create a very memorable MVPS musical experience.

Hakuna Matata!

Sarah McGaw
Performing Arts

LOTE Greek for Term 2!
Yia Sas!
Term 1 was a wonderful start to Modern Greek at MVPS. Students approached the subject with curiosity and enthusiasm and I am very excited about Term 2.
This term, we will be revising and expanding on words and concepts introduced in Term 1 and learning simple language for everyday use and conversations such as manners and numbers. Students will begin to learn the names of and label objects in their classrooms and areas around the school. We will also be identifying links between Greek and English wherever possible. Grades 1-6 will continue to learn the Greek alphabet. Senior students will also explore Greece’s geography and location in the world.
I have been impressed with the number of students telling me they are practicing their Greek at home over the dinner table, with their siblings or parents or independently. Please continue to encourage your children to participate fully with their best behaviour and effort towards Greek and all subject areas.
Thank you.
Mariana Surenian

Welcome to Art Term 2!
Exploring Australian First Nation Art and Enhancing Painting Skills
During Term 2, all classes will be honing their painting techniques while delving into the captivating world of Australian First Nation art.
Our Prep students will embark on an exploration of mark-making and texture creation as they assemble a tree collage. They will gain knowledge of primary colours while crafting a folded butterfly and designing animal tracks inspired by the renowned artist Emily Kngwarreye.
In Grade 1/2, students will fashion an outback collage using torn tissue paper and native leaves, drawing inspiration from a Dreamtime story. They will experiment with colours and various tools to express emotions in a weather-themed painting and learn to mix secondary colours.
Grade 3/4 and 5/6 students will have the exciting opportunity to meet local Wiradjuri artist Glenn Loughrey, who will offer valuable insights into his culture and artistic practice.
Grade 3/4 pupils will examine the work of Rover Thomas and compose their own hilltop dot-painting. They will practice mixing secondary colours for abstraction and expression, culminating in a watercolour project influenced by John Olsen.
Finally, Grade 5/6 students will delve into the art of Emily Kngwarreye, interpreting her yam-themed pieces to create their own abstract compositions using dry pastels while enhancing their colour theory knowledge. They will also study Rover Thomas's work, crafting a dot painting in response to an Indigenous issue.

4 Values Square
working bee 2 june 2023

Gardening Project

The Prep, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students from the Green Team did some gardening in the canteen garden. First, we weeded the garden beds and then planted lots of seeds. We planted snow pea, peas, radish, lettuce, carrot, lavender, and marigold. The flowers will bring bees and bugs to pollinate the plants and we will have fresh vegetables to eat. Yum!
Come and see for yourself. You’ll be surprised what you might find!
Special thanks to Nir Rachamim for organising this project.
By Erez and Ashan


Nude Food

Nude Food will be starting this term!
Nude Food is when we pack lunch boxes without single use plastics and packaging. This helps to keep our school and our local environment cleaner. Our Green Team leaders will be counting the number of Nude Food lunches in the class. The class with the highest total will win the Nude Food Trophy for the week and can earn house points!

How to pack a Nude Food lunchbox:
• Pack your lunch in reusable containers.
• Leave single use plastics at home.

• Buy your food in bulk and then put food in smaller containers. This saves plastic and money!


Mrs Pereira and the Green Team

Dear Families
We have 4 pupil free days coming up this year.

The dates are:
16th June
19th June
10th July
6th November

Team kids may be running a pupil free day on these days only if there are adequate numbers to be able to run the program.

The cost of the days will be $78.00 per day.

If you haven’t got an account with them, you will need to create one to be able to use these days.
If you don’t have an account you cannot book in for the day.

If you have an account for BSC/ASC you will not be able to use that account to make your bookings for the pupil free days program.

If you have used the holiday program, this is the account to use for your booking for the pupil free day program.

The link to create an enrolment for these days is:

Any queries please contact me.
Kerry Prendergast
OSHC Coordinator

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Due to the success of the Friday Sports, we’ve decided to extend our morning program to Term 2. The Friday Sports morning will continue the same as last term, however, we are adding a Wednesday morning session which will be based around training for the upcoming Grades 3-6 Cross Country in Term 2 and Athletics Carnival in Term 3.

Both morning sessions will start at 8:15am. Due to the weather often being difficult during Term 2, please stay tuned for a compass alert on Tuesday and Thursday nights for any cancellations.


Major Partners

The MVPS Parents Association is excited to invite MVPS children and their Mums (or other special person) to our annual Mother’s Day breakfast in the ampitheatre.

There is a small cost for adults to buy a ticket ($5) and children are free - the event is heavily subsidised by the PA as part of goal to bring community together.

Tickets can be purchased at here prior to Wednesday 10th May. If you are suffering financial hardship at the moment you can confidentially speak to the Principal who will organise a complimentary ticket for you.

So that the MVPS Mums can enjoy themselves on the morning we really need the help of some Dads who can volunteer to serve breakfast and supervise activities that the children are doing. If you are free please sign up here.

One thing we are very proud of here at Malvern Valley is the strength of our community. Whilst often that means having fun together and collectively sharing in the joy of our children’s education, sometimes it also means helping each other out in times of need. We are all thrown obstacles during our journey through life and sometimes a little help from our friends makes a world of difference.

“Friends of Malvern Valley” is a mechanism by which families in need can anonymously seek support from the broader MVPS community. This may be in the form of providing meals, picking up or dropping off children, donating clothing/books/toys etc.

Every year we call on families to register their interest in becoming a “Friend of Malvern Valley” and indicate in our database where you may be able to assist a family in need. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be called on, but that you will receive an alert if a family is in need and can indicate at the time whether you can assist or not. If you are happy to be on the Friends of Malvern Valley contact list please register your details here. Please also mark the email address in your safe senders list to ensure that emails don’t go to your junk mail.

If you feel that you’re in a situation yourself that could use some assistance through this program, please contact the Principal, Tracy Skiba.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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