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Andrew's Festival Picks


Andrew Murphy, Director of Programming

1140 welcometothishouse

Welcome to this House
(Saturday May 30, 4:45pm)

Queer icon Barbara Hammer seamlessly assembles a triptych for troubled poet laureate Elizabeth Bishop using her various residences as stopping places to gain insight and reflect on her work through photographs, interviews and re-enactments. Welcome to this House is a fascinating visual essay that will delight any fan of Bishop’s work.

1140 eisenstein

Eisenstein in Guanajuato
(Saturday May 23, 7:15pm)

One of my favourites out of the Berlinale this year and happy to present the Canadian Premiere. Peter Greenaway’s latest is a visual filmmaking feast taking us on Sergei Eisenstein’s journey to Mexico to location scout for his next film, all the while discovering an attraction to his male tour guide, and finding multiple uses for extra virgin olive oil.

1140 yourekillingme

You're Killing Me
(Saturday May 30, 9:45pm)

Writer/Director Jim Hansen and his collaborators Jeffrey Self and Drew Droege are basically responsible for everything that’s funny on the internet including the ‘Chloe' videos. You’re Killing Me is their first feature film about a boy who’s so wrapped up in his social media prowess, he doesn’t realize he’s dating a serial killer. Call it a cautionary tale for the ages: It’s funny. It’s gross. It’s our fate if we don’t get off of our iPhones...

1140 transfixed

(Sunday May 24, 2:45pm)

Trans activist Martine Stonehouse won the City of Toronto’s 2012 Pride Award. The Toronto Star called her “Toronto’s transsexual Norma Rae” in honour of her success fighting the province when OHIP delisted GRS surgery. Transfixed offers a unique, fascinating and inspiring glimpse into the life and times of Martine, her activism and her life with partner John, both living with Asperger’s Syndrome. Required viewing.

1140 nazandmaalik

Naz & Maalik
(Wednesday May 27, 5:15pm)

We’ve been tracking this film since last year and are so happy to offer the Canadian Premiere at the Festival! Naz & Maalik tells the fascinating story of two African American Muslim teen boys caught between religion, their feelings for each other, and the attention bestowed on them by the FBI in a post 9/11 New York.

1140 camouflage

Camouflage / Gay Shorts: Secrets and Guys
(Monday May 25, 7:30pm)

Sometimes our feelings are so strong that we camouflage them to avoid the risk of getting hurt, but sometimes said feelings consume every part of us and can’t help but be exposed through those fleeting glances. Eyes don’t lie. Neither do Germans in this case.


Limited Tickets Available for GRANDMA

1140 grandma

GRANDMA (Thursday May 21, 8pm)

Grandma is back on sale! (For now, at least)

A very limited number of tickets have just been released for tomorrow's Opening Gala: Grandma. Due to overwhelming demand, we will be screening in both Cinemas 1 and 2 of the TIFF Bell Lightbox. All previously obtained tickets marked "Cinema 3" will be honoured in Cinema 2.



Because not everyone shows up for every screening, a number of rush tickets are usually available at the theatre. The remaining seats are sold to those waiting in the Rush Line (cash only), just before the screening. This line forms anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours before show time.

FOURTH MAN OUT (Tuesday May 26, 9:30pm)


Free Screenings for Youth and Seniors


• All weekday matinee screenings (Monday to Friday, starting before 6pm)
Tickets must be picked up in person at the TIFF Bell Lightbox box office. ID required. One ticket per person per screening.

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