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Four New Churches in 2023

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Building four churches in areas that have never had a Christian presence is a step of faith. We have resources to start construction in two villages, and our missionaries and converts are busy turning a long-standing dream into a substantial structure. We are confident that funds for two more churches will come at just the right time. What joy it is to see God’s Kingdom expanding!

Training Leaders

Bible School

Twelve disciples of Jesus met with Pastor Zerihun, our Evangelism Director, for a week of intense study of God’s Word. They will meet three more times this year to receive in-depth teaching and learn leadership and church planting strategies. Guest teachers will add dimension to Zerihun’s carefully planned curriculum. Homework is hands-on field work that will practically implement what they are taught.

Literacy in Rural Villages


NewLife has started literacy programs in 12 villages where there is no access to formal education. Missionaries are teaching boys and girls how to read – an amazing gift to a mostly illiterate society. Tables and benches are being built for each of the learning centers and the children will be provided paper, pencils and slates to practice their writing. Libraries in the churches are slowly growing so children can come and read. Here is an encouraging post about our growing literacy program.

Breaking Down Barriers

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Missionaries have been sharing the Good News with a people group particularly resistant to anything Christian. When drought hit and people were starving -- providing bags of corn as a tangible expression of “Jesus loves you” broke down barriers causing government officials and the people of the town to re-think their view of Christ-followers. In gratitude for the food, permission was granted to build a worship center along with a request to also build a kindergarten for their children! This is an incredible story of God making a way where there was no way. Church construction has started and we will start on a school compound soon. Read further here about the transforming work God is doing in Muslim communities.

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