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January 2020

Welcome Back,

It's a new year. And while January is the month of fresh starts and positive changes, the honest truth is that much of last year (the good and the bad) follows us into the new year. Take the job market for example. We are entering 2020 with continued high levels of competition for skilled workers and many industries are continuing to battle a skills gap. What we can do is make positive and proactive changes to how we handle these issues. For our first newsletter of 2020, we discuss some changes you can easily make to your recruiting strategy and the advantages they can bring. But first, see our Featured Candidates and Positions.


Featured Candidates for Employers

Candidate 1: Director of Manufacturing Operations, Americas

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This candidate has a wealth of manufacturing and packaging industry experience as well as international assignment experience (would prefer to stay in the USA at this point). This professional is an outstanding leader with stellar OPEX and Industry 4.0 transformation experience. Among their many accomplishments, this person has led a business transformation project and created new business models in the Americas that represents over $130M in net sales. This candidate has created and delivered a turnaround operations strategy, resulting in $8M+ operating result improvement. This individual successfully navigated the business through periods of rapid growth and recession, currency devaluations, and pioneered a value engineering project with a global strategic account to deliver $3M+ OPEX savings and 7% net sales increase in a stagnant category. Email for more details or call +1-313-887-8300 ex. 102.

Candidate 2: Corporate Director of Human Resources, North America

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This candidate is responsible for all HR functions for a North American manufacturing business consisting of 12 sizable manufacturing plants across Canada, United States, and Mexico. This candidate has driven corporate initiatives down through the organization including improving ROI with respect to new compensation and benefits plans, as well as training and development right down to the shop floor. The candidate has a masters degree in organizational development and has excellent leadership and communication skills. This person has been able to influence key stakeholders and implemented a new HRIS system as well as created a manager accountable succession planning system which has lead to measurable recruitment and training cost savings across the region. This candidate would prefer to stay east of the Mississippi but might also consider the southwestern USA. Email for more details or call +1-313-887-8300 ex. 102.


Featured Positions for Job Seekers

Position 1: Export Control Manager, Americas

Our client is a $10 Billion, multi-national manufacturer known for its quality products. The company produces key components to the Aerospace, Automotive, and other Industrial market segments. In this role, you will act as the company’s strategic advisor on all US export matters across all Operating Groups, including EAR, ITAR and OFAC compliance. You will also lead Export Control Function in the Americas Region, act as company's strategic manager, advisor, and decision maker on all export control and sanction matters across all entities in the region. In addition, you will be responsible for enforcing and monitoring adherence to the company-wide guidelines and standards and the functioning of the Export Control program corresponding to the legal requirements. You will also develop and enhance applicable Export manuals, policies and processes for the Americas Region. Please contact or call +1-313-887-8300 ex.102 for more information.

Position 2: Country Manager, Greater China, $4 Billion USA based manufacturer

Our client is a well known manufacturer of products in the automotive space and is respected in the China market where they had a presence for 20 years. The company has 3 manufacturing sites in mainland China and has a supply chain across the region. In this role you will lead all aspects of the business including manufacturing operations, sales and marketing, and be fully responsible for profit and loss related to the China business. You will also be responsible for all legal matters and relationships with Government contacts/officials in the country. You will report back to a COO in the USA and lead a team across China. The ideal candidate will be a Chinese national with on-the-ground experience in the USA and fluency in Chinese language and English language. Please contact or call +1-313-887-8300 ex.101 for more info.

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Broadening Your Approach to Recruitment: Breaking the constraints on your search

During our almost 20 years of providing recruitment services, once in a while we come across hiring companies with very narrow standards for their search process. We have come across companies that only want to hire candidates within their specific geographic region and/or within their own niche industry. Knowing what you want in your next hire is great, but certain constraints can prevent you from hiring the best candidate for your position and for your company. Based on our experience, we'd like to show you the benefits of broadening your search.

The Local-Only Mindset
It is understood why some hiring companies wish to recruit in their own local area. In addition to avoiding relocation expenses, some hiring companies see hiring outside their district as a risk. They do not want to relocate someone and then the person does not work out in the role. It is also believed that, for certain roles, the hired individual will be more successful if they are from the local area. For instance, some hiring companies look for local sales people because they will already have the desired local connections.

Arguments for Broadening Geographic Constraints
Seeking candidates from outside of your local region - whether that be out of State or outside of a certain mile radius - can bring benefits to your business. First, in regards to any local candidates you are aware of, it is likely that your local competitors are aware of them too. Competing for the same group of candidates over and over offers no competitive edge to you and may result in paying higher, more competitive wages. Second, bringing in a candidate from outside your region could mean introducing someone with a more diverse point of view, potentially improving the way you find solutions and increase innovation.

The Industry-Specific Mindset
It is understood why some hiring managers wish to hire someone who is already working in their specific niche area of industry. Hiring a candidate with direct experience in your industry comes with the expectation that they will be able to "hit the ground running" once hired. This means that it is expected the candidate won't require much training and will be able to make positive impacts to the business right away. It is also expected that candidates coming from a very similar industry will have a strong network of like-minded professionals.

Arguments for Broadening Industry-Specific Constraints
Depending on how unique and specific your area of industry is, this can really limit the number of qualified candidates available to you. The fewer candidates available with your specific industry experience, the higher the competition is to recruit them and the higher the cost is to hire them. In these situations, you might see more results by taking the time to determine what skills a candidate really needs to be successful in your industry and what other industries have candidates with these skills. This will result in a more creative recruitment approach and potentially the hiring of someone a little more under the radar. It is also important to remember that, no matter how much of the right industry experience a candidate has, there is still a level of training a new candidate will require before they will be able to make contributions to their new company. So why not hire someone with interest in your industry and transferable skills.

Running a search with narrow requirements will result in your company competing for the same candidates over and over and your candidate pool will remain small. Once you focus on just the necessary qualities of the candidate, constraints can be lifted and you open your company up to a much larger and diverse candidate pool and a much larger list of possibilities.


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