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April 2020

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Adaptability is the one major factor that determines success during challenging times. In the recruitment industry, as an example, we are seeing this adaptive behavior in the hiring process. What was once most commonly a face-to face encounter, the professional interview has now been shifted to the online realm. Both the interviewer and interviewee must adapt to new communication methods in order to make a successful hire. For this month's newsletter, we have assembled some helpful strategies to ensure a successful online interview. But first, please see our Featured Candidates.


Featured Candidates for Employers

Candidate 1: Used/New Car Sales Director

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This candidate has over two decades of dealership experience and has worked their way up through variable departments to lead teams at all levels, most recently as a general manager. This individual has a passion for continuous education and constant training for their staff. They have built a career around creating training programs and sales processes to molding strong teams to increase profit and volume. They have successfully turned around several dealerships, one of which they were able to take a store out of the red to profiting $400K in 6 months, and in another instance was able to triple a store’s gross per copy and increase their sales from 35 cars per month to over 170. This individual is looking for an organization where they can continue to mentor the next generation of dealers as a used/new car director or general sales manager. Email for more details or call +1-313-887-8300 ex. 106.

Candidate 2: Internet Manager

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We are working with a fantastic automotive professional specializing in maximizing dealership BDC departments. This Internet Manager has been in the industry for 6 years and has aspirations of moving into a GSM or GM position in the near future. They are a salesperson through and through, having a keen ability to build relationships with customers no matter the communication method; internet, phone, or in-person. Having had the opportunity to build an internet sales department from scratch, as well as optimizing another department that needed a significant upgrade, this person is suited to helping your store grow their online sales no matter the situation. They have been able to thrive in environments as an individual contributor as well as managing a team of up to ten people. In their last position they were able to take their close rate from 5% to over 13% and hold that rate month over month. This is a highly driven individual with a passion for the car business. If you are interested in speaking with this amazing candidate email for more details or call +1-313-887-8300 ex.106.

Candidate 3: Dealer Partner

profession-1922359 640

If you are a growing company looking for a strategic partner to build your business up in this new world we find ourselves in, then this candidate is someone that you should speak with. They have been in the business for over 3 decades and have managed dealerships at all levels of leadership, including owning several stores as a dealer partner. They have specialized in starting up brand new stores and building teams to successfully grow dealership groups. In their last position they were overseeing several stores and was able to build two of them up from scratch to profiting several hundreds of thousands of dollars within the first 11 months of being open. This automotive leader has also been able to hold a top 5 ranking for sales in his region for several years as well. This individual is looking for an opportunity to lead a store as an executive manager, or would like to become a dealer partner with a group that has their eyes set on expansion and values their people. If this sounds like someone that could help your dealer group please email for more details or call +1-313-887-8300 ex.106.

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Interviewing from a Distance: Steps to Success in the Virtual Interview

While the age-old interview tips for face-to-face interviews are still useful, the quick shift to using new communication technologies during the traditional hiring process comes with a new set of challenges.

Here at Tier One, our manufacturing practice operates on an international scale and so we have been assisting our candidates and clients around the globe set up virtual interviews for quite some time. This makes us unofficial experts on the topic of online interviews and we would like to share the advice that we share with all our candidates and clients.

Our steps are organized into two categories: old tried and true interview tips that still apply with a small amount of updating, as well as brand new tips that come along with using online video communication technology.

Updates on the Classic Interview Tips

Dress to Impress
Dressing in a professional manner from top to bottom can make you feel more prepared for an interview and provide a confidence boost that will you succeed. So even if only the top half of you is being seen during a virtual interview, it is still important to be completely dressed in a professional manner.

Be Aware of Body Language
While on camera, it is important to remain conscious of your body language. Sit up straight, smile, and do not fidget. An extra note of body language caution specific to online interviewing is to look directly into the eye of the camera in place of making eye contact while speaking. Avoid looking at yourself on the screen.

Be Prepared
Have important documents or notes printed and available for easy reference during the interview. This should include a printed out version of your resume, notes about the employer, questions you wish to ask the employer, as well as any other key points about your professional background that you'd like to go over during the virtual interview.

New Interviewing Tips

Test Your Equipment
Ensure you have all that is required for your virtual interview including the right software program downloaded in advance. If you can, run a trial video call with a friend or family member to make sure your camera, microphone and internet connection are in working order. Do this far enough in advance in case any equipment needs to be updated or replaced.

Assess and Prepare Your Environment
Wherever you choose to stage your video interview, be sure that it is in a tidy and quiet space. Pay attention to what the hiring managers will see behind you during the interview. Also prepare to keep pets and family members from interrupting the interview.

Lighting and Angles
The eye of the camera should be about 5-10 degrees higher than your nose to achieve a flattering angle. If the camera is built into your laptop, you may need to sit the laptop on some books to get the right angle. Also, set up a lamp behind your computer and directly in front of your face or sit in front of a window to properly illuminate your face.

Virtual interviewing has started to become more commonly used during the hiring process as hiring managers try to broaden their search for the right talent while also cutting back on travel expenses and time to hire. Expect to see virtual interviewing become more commonplace. The best thing to do in the event of having an online interview is to give yourself ample time to set up and prepare - and to remember all those age old interview tips that still apply!


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