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Race Course Review

It is only two weeks until race day! Below you will find many details about the race course and links to help you prepare for race day. We recommend you review your legs of the race prior to race day, and if you can, please run, ride or drive your assigned legs.

Our Guidebook and website have directions and details for each section of the course that will help you stay on course.

Worried about getting lost? Here are a few helpful ways to stay on course.
Print and laminate our turn by turn runner directions and carry with you on race day.
Download the RaceJoy app and utilize the GPS tracking feature on your phone.
Look for these green route arrows on the ground. They will mark every turn.
Look for our V2V Directional yard signs that will also mark every turn.

We hope you enjoy the course we have designed!

Chief Experience Officer
Ville to Ville Craft Brew Relay™


Legs 1 & 2

Leg 1 - The Hiker - 6.13 Miles
This leg features a 1.5 mile section on the popular Mountains to Sea Trail and is the only section on the course on a wooded trail. Perfect for those that like hiking and running uphill.

Leg 2 - The Hillman - 6.00 Miles
This is the hardest leg on the course. With over 2.6 miles of uphill running, including one 23% grade section, runners of this leg should definitely hill train. A surprise awaits those that finish this section!

blue ghost firefly

Legs 3 & 4

Leg 3 - The Firefly - 5.61 Miles
One of the easiest legs on the course with a mostly gradual descent into Henderson County and to Fletcher Community Park. The last section features a portion of the Cane Creek Greenway.

Leg 4 - Howard's Gap - 5.73 Miles
This leg is almost entirely on one road (Howards Gap) and features a nice incline around mile two and rolling hills. Our only round-about on the course is here...stay to the left!

Oklawaha greenway sign

Legs 5 & 6

Leg 5 - Hendo - 5.15 Miles
This is rated as the easiest leg on the course and is mostly downhill and flat, with a section on the Oklawaha Greenway. Plan to run fast with a finish at Southern Appalachian Brewery!

Leg 6 - The Oklawho? - 5.65 Miles
While this leg is not difficult, it has the most turns of any route on the course. Directionally-challenged runners beware!


Leg 7 & 8

Leg 7 - The Pickler - 4.56 Miles
As one of the shorter legs on the course, runners will enjoy the scenic Mine Gap Road (and its hill) for a majority of the leg. This leg finishes at Tuxedo Park.

Leg 8 - Tali-Ho! - 3.53 Miles
While this is the shortest leg, runners will spend the last 2.5 miles running uphill to the transition area, which makes this leg a lot tougher than it looks on paper.


Leg 9 & 10

Leg 9 - Inverted - 6.17 Miles
This leg pretty much falls down a mountain as runners enter South Carolina into one of the most beautiful sections of the course. With over 1100 feet of elevation drop, runners should prepare their quads and knees before running.

Leg 10 - The Beech - 9.84 Miles
This is the longest leg of the course and consists of rolling hills through northern Greenville County. A 200-foot net elevation drop continues the SC downhill theme. There will be a water refill station on the route, so carry a water bottle if needed. The finish is at Beechwood Farms where fresh strawberries will await your arrival!


Legs 11 & 12

Leg 11 - The Rabbit - 6.20 Miles
This Farm to Brewery 10K would be a classic all by itself. Backcountry roads lead to the popular Swamp Rabbit Trail and into the quaint town of Travelers Rest with a finish at Swamp Rabbit Brewery.

Leg 12 - The Commons - 8.78 Miles
This runner will have all the glory of finishing the relay! This mostly downhill run will spend a majority of time on the Swamp Rabbit Trail as you head into Greenville. Cold local craft brew awaits!


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